Happy! Season 1, Episode 3 Preview: The Ghost of Nick Sax Past

Happy! Season 1, Episode 3 Preview: The Ghost of Nick Sax Past

Okay… so maybe it took two episodes of Syfy's Happy!, a whole lot of convincing on Happy's (Patton Oswalt) part, and a whole lot of killing (and drugs) on Sax's (Christopher Meloni) part to finally get our reluctant "hero" on the same page with his new adopted-by-circumstance imaginary friend. Sometimes it's not always about the journey so much as it is the destination… right?

Speaking of "destination," as Sax and Happy start looking into Hailey's mysterious disappearance (at the hands of one very deadly and very menacing Very Bad Santa (Jason Reitman), we get a look back to the early days of Sax's career and his partnership with Det. Meredith McCarthy (Lili Mirojnick) in this week's third episode, 'When Christmas Was Christmas.' As we can see in a sneak preview of this week's episode, Sax's sense of justice doesn't always match up with the law — or with those who pay a pretty penny for "special" police protection:

Happy S01E03 'When Christmas was Christmas': Sax journeys through his dark past, while Merry and Amanda make a chilling discovery.

happy season 1 episode 3 preview

Happy! follows Nick Sax (Meloni) — an intoxicated, corrupt ex-cop-turned-hitman who is adrift in a world of casual murder, soulless sex, and betrayal. After a hit gone wrong, his inebriated life is forever changed by a tiny, relentlessly positive imaginary blue winged horse named Happy (Oswalt).

Based on New York Times best-selling author Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's graphic novel of the same name, Happy! stars Meloni (Law & Order: SVU), Oswalt (Ratatouille), Reitman (Money Monster), Mirojnick (Friends With Benefits), Patrick Fischler (Twin Peaks: The Return), Ritchie Coster (True Detective) and Zabryna Guevara (Gotham).

Happy! Season 1, Episode 3 Preview: The Ghost of Nick Sax Past

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Happy! Season 1, Episode 3 Preview: The Ghost of Nick Sax Past

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