Legion Panel: Hawley Working On Doctor Doom Film, Season 2 Going To Be 10 Episodes, Can't Cross Over With The Movies

All information in this article courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth:

Breaking news coming out of the Legion panel at San Diego Comic Con. At the Legion panel, which was opened up with the Bolero sequence from Episode 7, it's been announced that Season 2 of the mutant-centric drama is going to be 10 episodes.

It's also been reveled that the Bolero sequence wasn't originally intended to be a silent movie sequence and wasn't even in the script. This was a change that was made in post.

Jeff Loeb was asked about how it was working with the X-Men, and he replied with "It's funny how old lawsuits come together." He also added that "The show is a miracle."

Interestingly, producer Lauren Donner said during the panel that the show "can't ever" cross over with the movies. "It must be its own thing."

A noticeable detail was how much in love with star Aubrey Plaza the audience was. She was good at pleasing them, and she said of the show that, "The most fun to have at work is to see how a psychopath moves around."

Actress Jean Smart said of her character Melanie, "She's in love with a popsicle and she hasn't had sex in 20 years."

Actors Bill Irwin and Amber Midthunder endeared themselves to the audience with adorable dispositions.

Creator Noah Hawley was noticeably dodging questions about season 2.

Regardless, it was revealed that Wonder Woman's Saïd Taghmaoui, who played Sameer in that film, will be playing a different version of the Shadow King.

Star Dan Stevens had food poisoning during the Bollywood dance sequence; he would spin around and be green.

A girl asked about David's rage face and asked if he was "channeling his inner Beast," which got a good reaction out of the audience and panel.

Given the connection of Legion and Professor Xavier in the comic books, a question about him appearing on the show was asked at the panel. Dan said that he was on board. The panel was unsure which version which version of Professor X to go with; Noah wanted to know which version would be funnier.

Jeff Loeb was pretty surprised by all the women with questions in the audience.

The biggest surprise came towards the end when showrunner Noah Hawley revealed he is working on a movie for Fox, which he said he could only say two words about: "Doctor" and "Doom." Dan Stevens is working on it to some capacity, though it was not revealed what role he has.

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