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Can't get it out of my head! Miss it, kiss it, love it, this post is…The Weekly Static! But before we get started, break out those Little Orphan Annie decoder rings, kids… because here it is! can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ellery Queen (1975-76) – Intro & Close ( So let's get you squared away with[...]
Twin Peaks: Mark Frost Will Break Your Hearts, Audrey Horne Fans
If you're a Twin Peaks fan like I am, you might've found the third season a little lacking when it came to David Lynch and Mark Frost getting us up to speed on the happenings of our favorite Twin Peaks residents for the past 25+ years Some characters were never shown or barely mentioned, while[...]
The road to a possible fourth season of Twin Peaks is taking as many twists and turns as the back roads of the northwest, as Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost said in an interview on Thursday that the door hasn't been closed yet on more Peaks and that a fourth season is something that's being[...]
Twin Peaks Parts 17 And 18 Recap: After 27 Years, Was It Really Worth It?
A point of personal privilege I'm gifting myself, even if Lynch and Mark Frost decide to go with a fourth season (more Frost, less Lynch) made-up of 72 15-minute episodes of dialogue in haiku form (and when it happens, remember where you read it first). Hope you enjoy the recap, and let me know what you think![...]
That doesn't mean everything has to be nice and fluffy…but it also shouldn't look like you're sacrificing the loyal fan base for your artistic masturbation. (2) At this point, I wish Mark Frost had control over Twin Peaks and David Lynch would step away Yup, I said it. See ya on Sunday! Corey Graves To Replace JBL On[...]
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I'm going to be sharing with you a bunch of my thoughts, opinions and random off-topic comments that end-up bouncing around in my head, so make sure to let me know what you think! ● This page should update…but refresh just to make sure you don't miss anything. ● If you're going on social media to talk[...]
German Network Airs Twin Peaks Episode Early, Vortex Fields Blamed
Strictly for the sake of the integrity of this article, this reporter can verify first-hand that there's nothing out there…yet. Lynch's third season of his and Mark Frost's mystery-thriller is being rolled out in 18 parts that are sent at the same time to Sky in Italy, the U.K., and Germany as it is to Showtime[...]