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Forty-Five Minutes To Go?
Just as Bleeding Cool posted yesterday, today certain New York folk seem to be tagging DC's Big Announcement To Move West as happening today. But,
Do Anything 0026 by Warren Ellis
026 "Heroes" is playing through my desktop speakers. And stops. Moves on to "Clay Bodies" by Zola Jesus. The robot head of Jack Kirby, set next to the
Do Anything 025 by Warren Ellis
025 Engineer Tony Visconti has set up three microphones in front of David Bowie, with volume-triggered gates on them. It was a huge room in Berlin,
Do Anything 024 by Warren Ellis
024 Down into the streets, the creases of Jack "King" Kirby's face, trapped by what could easily be the canyons of New York city avenues, the grey
Do Anything 023 by Warren Ellis
023 Deceleration, as the canyons become skyscraper-walled New York streets. We pass the office window that Alex Toth, who never drew a story worthy of his
Do Anything 022 by Warren Ellis
022 From up here, maybe we can see what we've been talking about this whole time.  A world that, from up here, looks like Jack Kirby's Ego The Living
Do Anything 021 by Warren Ellis
021 Do you know where you are? I have this vague recollection of someone asking the writer Spider Robinson where his ideas come from, and his answer
Do Anything 020 by Warren Ellis
020 Bugger the robot head that steals my cigars.  I love these Gil Kane BLACKMARK pages.  It's pretty genetic post-apoc barbarian fantasy.  Archie