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REPRINT: Do Anything 025 by Warren Ellis on David Bowie, From 2009

I thought this might be worth a reprint. Do Anything #25 by Warren Ellis, as written for Bleeding Cool, published on December 22nd, 2009. 025 Engineer Tony Visconti has set up three microphones in front of David Bowie, with volume-triggered gates on them. It was a huge room in Berlin, previously used to record symphonies […]

Leinil Yu To Draw Avenging Spider-Man #5

As Stephen Wacker tweeted today; Here's a "scoop"! Issue 5 has another huge artist! Just as we planned! He didn't say who though. I think that's Bleeding Cool's job. Leinil Yu, fresh from finishing his run with Mark Millar on Superior. Joe Maduiera will return for a later arc, just as Steve Wacker promised. Not […]

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh #111: Riots In The Head

Coincidences where pop culture reflects real events are unpredictable and fascinating. I finished last week's column before the riots in London escalated and spread north, but it seems the riots weren't about to leave my head alone for a few days yet. Watching the news footage and hearing the wildfire-spread of the riots beyond London […]

DC Comics Relaunch: Batman And Robin, Dark Knight… And Batgirl!

IGN has been handed the full details of the Batman relaunch by DC Comics. Bleeding Cool has already shown you the covers to Batman #1 and Detective Comics #1, but IGN also has covers for Batman And Robin #1 and Batman: The Dark Knight #1 Batman #1 is written by current Detective Comics scribe Scott […]

Cannes 2011: Programme Unveiled

This year, the official competition at Cannes will see its first 3D entry, Takashi Miike's Harikiri. That's just one of the many surprises in what looks like a very exciting line up of films. Presiding over the selection juries this year will be Robert De Niro (feature films), Michel Gondry (shorts), Emir Kusturica (Un Certain […]

Two Good Reasons To See Gareth Edwards' Monsters This Weekend

This weekend, Gareth Edwards' Monsters finally reaches UK cinema screens. I'm sure many of you are already planning to see it, but here are two good reasons to make the effort this weekend. This Friday evening, a screening of the film at London's Curzon Soho will be followed by a Q&A with writer-director Gareth Edwards. He's […]

Forty-Five Minutes To Go?

Just as Bleeding Cool posted yesterday, today certain New York folk seem to be tagging DC's Big Announcement To Move West as happening today. But, naturally, it's not going to be a clean and easy break. The announcement is expected to be made at 12:30 ET/ 9.30 PT – in less than an hour's time. […]

Look! It Moves! #51: When The Old Collides And Becomes New

Let's talk about thriller comics. Thriller comics tend to run counter to juvenile vibe of superhero comics, since the thriller genre tends to carry a more, I don't know, "respectable" or "adult" vibe compared to stories about men in long underwear beating each other up. But then the idea of the non-superpowered costumed vigilante was […]

Do Anything 0026 by Warren Ellis

026 "Heroes" is playing through my desktop speakers. And stops. Moves on to "Clay Bodies" by Zola Jesus. The robot head of Jack Kirby, set next to the speakers on my desk, has stopped talking. The web of connections that gauzed the room have faded. The lights in its eyes have gone dead. I take […]

Do Anything 025 by Warren Ellis

025 Engineer Tony Visconti has set up three microphones in front of David Bowie, with volume-triggered gates on them. It was a huge room in Berlin, previously used to record symphonies during World War 2. (Private Jack Kirby: "I was handed a chocolate bar and an M-1 rifle and told to go kill Hitler.") One […]

Do Anything 024 by Warren Ellis

024 Down into the streets, the creases of Jack "King" Kirby's face, trapped by what could easily be the canyons of New York city avenues, the grey confines of the Depression streets that Jack Kirby ran and fought in. They're like walls, imprisoning a generation. And somewhere, there's a tannoy on a street corner, on […]

Do Anything 023 by Warren Ellis

023 Deceleration, as the canyons become skyscraper-walled New York streets. We pass the office window that Alex Toth, who never drew a story worthy of his talent and today is known only to specialists in the medium, attempting to defenestrate editor Julius Schwartz because "Julie" refused to pause his lunchtime card-game to get Toth paid. […]

Do Anything 022 by Warren Ellis

022 From up here, maybe we can see what we've been talking about this whole time.  A world that, from up here, looks like Jack Kirby's Ego The Living Planet, but instead of its face being a wizened old man, it does of course strongly resemble the robot head of Jack Kirby. Our parachute opens, […]

Do Anything 021 by Warren Ellis

021 Do you know where you are? I have this vague recollection of someone asking the writer Spider Robinson where his ideas come from, and his answer having to do with hacking your way through a jungle (with Burne Hogarth denouncing you from a tree, probably) to find a filing cabinet in the middle of […]

Do Anything 020 by Warren Ellis

020 Bugger the robot head that steals my cigars.  I love these Gil Kane BLACKMARK pages.  It's pretty genetic post-apoc barbarian fantasy.  Archie Goodwin, once again writing for Kane, does his best, but he had to follow the genre ("Obey and enjoy the genre," Michael Moorcock once said), and, you know, it was the 1970s… […]

Do Anything 019 by Warren Ellis

019 MEANWHILE, IN THE FEVERPITCH WANKPIT OF PHILIP K DICK'S ARTIFICIAL CONSCIOUSNESS NESTED INSIDE THE ROBOT HEAD OF JACK KIRBY: someone in America is creating graphic novels for the newsstand and the bookstore.  They weren't called graphic novels.  Not least because this is happening in 1968 and 1971.  A crime graphic novel in magazine format, […]

Do Anything 018 by Warren Ellis

018 Story-strips.  It made more sense to me than a lot of other replacement terms for comics.  It reminded me of the early childhood where the British comics I got were called "adventure strips," or "picture libraries."  When the comics I got were called "boy's papers."  To me, it speaks to a time when popular […]

Do Anything 017 by Warren Ellis

017 It's right there on the cover of Jack Kirby's 1980s miniseries SILVER STAR, a comics version of a screenplay he wrote and never sold in the 1970s: "A Visual Novel." I guess Jack didn't fancy using the term "graphic novel," perhaps because it's so intrinsically linked now with Will Eisner, whose paperback edition of […]