Max Landis Is Writing A Pepé Le Pew Movie


Love him or hate him, Max Landis is part of the pop culture conversation. He uses a platform to talk about everything geek culture, and has been attached or expressed a lot of interest in nostalgia style franchises and rebooting them. Case and point, he is a writer on the Power Rangers movie.

Well, at the Dirk Gently's panel at SDCC, he announced he is doing it with another, less expected property. He revealed he is working with Warner Brothers to bring an animated Pepé Le Pew movie to the big screen. Not much more than that is known right now though.

Pepé Le Pew is a weird character to bring forward, especially as the cartoons could be read a certain way nowadays from a critical standpoint. Landis will certainly have his work cut out for him to avoid that side of the conversation.

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