SDCC 2014: Warners TV and DC Entertainment – It's One Big Party On Stage


Hilton Collins is broadcasting live from Hall H…

Well… kinda. There are like, a MILLION chairs on stage at Hall H, which makes me think that they'll have cast members from 3 or 4 shows sitting down at the same time. I've never seen that many chairs up there at one time before.

Panel hasn't started yet but is minutes from beginning.

Showing some promo videos about the shows now… it's like DVD behind-the-scenes footage, but… in Hall H!



Lisa Gregorian, chief marketing officer for Warner Bros. television group, is going to introduce the panelists, and she just walked out to the podium. Gotham at 8 pm on Monday on Fox, Fridays at 10 pm on NBC for Constantine, and Wednesdays for Arrow and Flash on CW, starting at 8 pm. That's where you'll go for your DC TV love later this year. And now.. the Gotham screening is going to start! Soon, but first, Stephen Amell (Oliver) from Arrow is coming out as master of ceremonies. Thunderous applause!

Amell remembers being at Comic-Con in 2012 representing the only DC TV show on at the time, Arrow, but DC's TV slate has expanded a LOT since then.

They're halfway through episode two of season 3 of Arrow right now, he says, filming it, and they're going to show a trailer from the show with some extra footage later. And they're going to screen the full pilots for Gotham and the Flash, he says. And he's asking if we're ready to get this started, and the crowd is. Very excited!


A Flash promo plays… and then Grant Gustin (the Flash) comes onto stage. Gustin comes out to introduce the Flash promo to the audience. Amell and Gustin announce that Arrow will be appearing on the pilot. Robbie Amell is playing Firestorm on the show. Wentworth Miller will be playing Captain Cold on the show, and Reverse Flash will appear as well. And now… the Flash pilot is on!

[Mark adds… And while the Hall watches the Flash pilot, the rest of you can check out Rich Johnston's  9 thoughts on the Flash pilot he shouldn't have been allowed to see (but did!) Spoiler Warning]

[And as an added bonus, there's also a very interesting look at the Flash pilot script]

[And as the Flash pilot concludes, WB posts the new WBTV and DC Comics logos for the series]


The Flash pilot ends, and Amell introduces Ben Mackenzie (Jim Gordon), who says that the Gotham TV show introduces many of comics' most famous bad guys… and now, the Gotham pilot!


Amell returns to the stage and introduces Constantine played by Matt Ryan. Ryan said that the Constantine character was inspired by the Hellblazer and Constantine comics. On the show we'll see characters like Jim Corrigan, Zed, and possibly the Spectre. For reference, Jim Corrigan is the cop who's killed and turns into the Spectre in the comics.

Now it's time for some Arrow. Amell says that season 3 production has started with Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer and someone else playing character Katana. Now a sneak peak clip plays… With Ra's Al Ghul appearing though we never see his face, and the new season premieres in October.


Amell introduced Geoff Johns, DC's chief creative officer, to start the panel. And people from the casts of all 4 shows come out… And I'm not naming all these people right now but it's a lot!

Heller likes origin stories which is why he chose Bruce's origin story for Gotham. McKenzie says that his character Gordon will fight Logue's character Bullock for Gotham's soul.

Pinkett-Smith says that being part of the show and collaborating with Cannon and Heller is good. Mazouz hopes the show will run until he's 25 so he can play Batman as an adult. Bicondova didn't know she was playing Selina Kyle when she was auditioning at first but likes the character and has looked to the comics and the 60s TV show for inspiration.

Amell says that Arrows third season is about identity and can Oliver be himself as a civilian AND the Arrow? Berlanti said that he's happy the show's as successful as it is. Mark says that Katana, Ray Palmer, and Ra's are coming…. And… Ted Grant aka Wildcat comes to the show. Who will interact with Laurel. Haynes says that it's awesome to join the ranks of superherodom and don a costume this season. Loitz says that she's read Birds of Prey comics for research and that the Canary's dark past is interesting and so is wearing the costume. Barrowman that Malcolm Merlyn thinks he's as much of a hero as Oliver is. It'll be interesting to see how the relationship between Malcolm and his daughter Thea will play out, but it'll be dysfunctional. Bett Richards teased her character getting together with Ray Palmer, but there's also Barry and Oliver, so it's unclear. Bett Richards looks forward to her character crossing over into both the Arrow and Flash shows.

Kreisberg said that he wanted to make the Flash show brighter than Arrow so they'd have different tones. Gustin says that he loves Barry's hope and optimism and getting into e character's head. Barry is both brilliant and stupid because he's a dork. Martin said yes to Flash because Kreisberg and Berlanti convinced him to join the show with their enthusiasm. He likes that he has the chance to shoot people now as a cop unlike when he was in Law and Order. Wesley-Shipp, the original live-action Flash, he's delightful to come back to The character and pass the torch. Cavanaugh is mum on why Wells is interested in the Flash, but Barry will be torn between multiple mentors. Patton says that Iris is the "true North" and best friend on the show but Barry being the Flash could change their relationship.

Goyer said that he chose to work on Constantine because that character's one of his favorites. Constantine doesn't wear a costume which is unique and complex and tries different tactics, including conning or punching his enemies. Ryan said that he read as many comics as possible to prepare for the role. Papa Midnight's another character who will appear on the show.

In the question and answer portion, Amell takes his shirt off to show his ripped abs, and… Those things are so chiseled, they deserve their own post.

But also… Amell said that the show is about Oliver's journey from being called the vigilante to the Hood to the Arrow to being the GREEN Arrow.

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