Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation: Live From SDCC (UPDATING)

warner bros. pictures sdcc

From Bleeding Cool reporter Kaitlyn Booth's live coverage of the Warner Bros. Pictures Presentation from Hall H at Comic-Con International (SDCC) 2017:

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Panel begins with an opening video. Host Chris Hardwick is taking the stage now.

Ready Player One starts the panel with teaser graphics. Director Steven Spielberg on-stage to incredible response.

Spielberg says film a fast-forward and flashback. Took 2-1/2 years to make

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Footage being shown now: scenes of the future city that looks like The Iron Giant in the virtual world. Action scenes look insane! Cars flying all over the place with wrecking balls slamming into the ground. The press cage was losing their minds. The audience was super into it.

TJ Miller is wearing like 4 different pieces of clothing from Spielberg films

Ernest Cline is saying that the movie is a better vision than his vision when he was writing the book.

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Everyone on the cast is just "fangirling" over Spielberg.

The Iron Giant is a major player in this movie

New trailer:


warner bros. pictures sdcc

Next-up…Blade Runner 2049!

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Screening of the most recently released trailer.

Harrison Ford is here.

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Why director Denis Villenuve took this on: "I didn't want someone else to fuck it up."

Ford: When asked if this answered any questions about his character: "[long pause] It doesn't matter what I think."

warner bros. pictures sdcc

NEW FOOTAGE: Officer K (Ryan Gosling) is walking into the room with replicants. They walk into a room to look at memory banks. We hear some scratchy dialogue.

warner bros. pictures sdcc


Wonder Woman 2

We got logos for Justice League DarkBatgirlSuicide Squad 2

Flash is now Flash Point

Jason Mamoa (Aquaman) just ran through the hall with a trident!

Footage from Aquaman screening now…with concept art that looks amazing!

We saw some brief brief footage. Some guys are fishing when they hook something big. They're dragged along until they see huge ships beneath the ocean. We cut down to the water and see the ships (they look insane).

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Ben Affleck (Batman) says he's on board. He's dropped two f-bombs. Denies all rumors

warner bros. pictures sdcc

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) is getting the loudest cheers

warner bros. pictures sdcc

New trailer! Mamoa throws a chair from excitement…

These guys know how to work a crowd!

A kid just asked when we'll see Superman and Mamoa said,

"I don't know if your parents told you but Superman is dead."

Jason just said the ships we saw in the Aquaman footage belonged to his brother Orm/Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson)…as confirmed by the shouting from Mamoa's son.

And that's a wrap! 

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