Liquid Death Announces New Line With "Blind Taste Test"

Liquid Death, the canned water company that's too metal for you to handle, has a new line of sparkling flavors on the way. With the success of both their regular Mountain Water and their Sparkling Water, the company is expanding its sparkling options with three new flavors for you to try out. Those flavors are Berry It Alive, Mango Chainsaw, and Severed Lime, all of which are naturally sweetened with agave. According to the company, they have been created to bridge the gap between "bland 0 cal, 0 carb, 0 sugar" sparkling water, and the standard soft drinks that aren't too healthy for you. All of these flavors are out on the market starting today and they can be purchased on Amazon and in-store at 7-Eleven, Albertson Safeway, Target, Sprouts, Publix, and Stater Bros.

Liquid Death Announces New Line With "Blind Taste Test"
Credit: Liquid Death

As part of the launch, the company has two things they're currently promoting as part of it. The first one is the #DeathToPlastic initiative, in which the company will be donating a portion of proceeds to charitable causes and nonprofits. All of whom are providing safe drinking water to communities around the world, specifically in areas where it's not immediately available. As well as those who are helping to clean up plastic garbage out of the ocean. Both of which are worthy causes that deserve your attention, even if its just to buy some canned water to help them out.

The second of those promotions is this fun Blind Taste Test promotion, harkening back to the days when cola companies would blindfold people, put two cups of soda in front of them and ask which they thought tasted better when they couldn't tell which one was which. Option one, of course, is the new flavors of Liquid Death's sparkling water. The others… well, how about you just click on the video and enjoy the results.

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