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Liquid Death Reveals Three New Iced Tea Flavors
Liquid Death recently revealed three new flavors coming to their line of canned water drinks, as they will be introducing Iced Tea to the mix It only makes sense for them to do so as their current line of waters has regular and sparkling, with three special flavors of sparkling water for people to try[...]
Liquid Death Announces New Line With "Blind Taste Test"
Liquid Death, the canned water company that's too metal for you to handle, has a new line of sparkling flavors on the way With the success of both their regular Mountain Water and their Sparkling Water, the company is expanding its sparkling options with three new flavors for you to try out Those flavors are[...]
Tony Hawk & Liquid Death Come Together For Blood-Infused Skateboards
Liquid Death and Tony Hawk came together for a special promotion as a small group of people could a skateboard infused with Hawk's own blood The company made the partnership to help out with a couple of awesome projects and did so by tempting fans of the pro-skater with limited edition skateboards printed with The[...]
Liquid Death Put A Curse On Their Own Product For Halloween
The crew over at Liquid Death decided that they needed to put a curse on their own water In the company's latest video, they hired a working witch doctor known as Mystic Dylan to put a curse on all of the water in the company's warehouse Yes, you read that correctly All of the canned[...]
Joe Manganiello Apparently Sells His Soul To Liquid Death
Specifically, Liquid Death, who is basically about as metal as you can get for a water distributor Much like how Barq's used to look like a beer can holding root beer, their cans look like modern beer cans that hold water They're very much in the idea of trying to get away from the waste[...]