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Get Drop Dead Gore-geous with the Liquid Death x e.l.f Corpse Paint
Get ready to finally showcase your inner darkness as Liquid Death is teaming up with e.l.f (eyes lips face) Your favorite canned water company has been dishing out some pretty wild collaborations lately with the Steve-O Voodoo Doll, the Tom Segura recycling glory hole, and now Corpse Paint That is right; now you can look[...]
Liquid Death Announces New Electrolyte Death Dust
Liquid Death revealed a new product they have released today to compliment their line of waters, as they revealed the new electrolyte Death Dust The shorthand to this is that these are mixing powders meant to be used in their still Mountain Water, providing the same three flavors they have had out for over a[...]
Liquid Death Launches New Crossover Promotion With Rebel Moon
Liquid Death announced a new crossover promotion for their line of canned waters this week, as they have teamed up with the Netflix film Rebel Moon As they have done in the past with other brands and celebrities, this is basically just a chance to get their water out there in a hilarious way, only[...]
Liquid Death Has Launched Fun New Fortnite Map
Liquid Death has launched a brand new Fortnite Island this week called Murder Mountian, in which they want you to murder your thirst The new map was created in partnership with Buoy, as they have made one for the ages with some interesting imagery This is basically just a fun promotion from the company for[...]
Liquid Death Partners Up With Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III
Liquid Death has partnered up with Activision for an all-new campaign tied to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III, as they remind you that zombies are people, too The latest in their joke commercial/PSA line of promotions, they have launched P.E.T.U Also known as  People for the Ethical Treatment of the Undead[...]
Bring Home the Horrors of Halloween with This Spooky Gift Guide 
From ghoulishly stylish shirts by RSVLTS, a voodoo doll with a twist from Liquid Death and Steve-O, to some hauntingly adorable vinyl figures by Super Plastic, We have even conjured up a bewitching array of Harry Potter goodies from The Noble Collection with a sinister set of dark wizard wands.  Your Wardrobe Gets Haunted with RSVLTS #gallery-1[...]
Bring Home a Piece of Steve-O with the Liquid Death’s Voodoo Launch
This is Steve-O, and welcome to Liquid Death as the infamous Jackass stuntman is back for his craziest stunt yet Things are about to get supernatural as Liquid Death has unveiled the All-Natural Steve-O Voodoo Doll! That is right, this new collectible features no plastic product and is 100% natural with a dash of love[...]
Liquid Death Releases Third Dance-Pop Album Featuring Tony Hawk
Liquid Death has decided to release another music album, as they have collected a few different people to sing on Greatest Hates Volume III What exactly is this album concept, you may ask? The company has written songs made up almost entirely of hate comments they have received over time on both their social media[...]
Whitney Cummings & Liquid Death Spread Word About Plastic Pollution
Liquid Death has teamed up with comedian and actress Whitney Cummings for a brand new twisted ad to get the word out about plastic pollution The company has been pushing the non-plastic bottle agenda ever since it formed and started selling its canned water products a few years ago Primarily because the aluminum cans they[...]
Liquid Death & Blink 182's Travis Barker Launch Collectible Enema Kit
Liquid Death and Blink 182's Travis Barker have teamed up to launch a new unique item, as you can now purchase the Enema Of The State Collectible Kit With a wink and a nod to one of the band's most popular albums, the company has made what is essentially a novelty item that isn't a[...]
Liquid Death Reveals Three New Iced Tea Flavors
Liquid Death recently revealed three new flavors coming to their line of canned water drinks, as they will be introducing Iced Tea to the mix It only makes sense for them to do so as their current line of waters has regular and sparkling, with three special flavors of sparkling water for people to try[...]
Liquid Death Announces New Line With "Blind Taste Test"
Liquid Death, the canned water company that's too metal for you to handle, has a new line of sparkling flavors on the way With the success of both their regular Mountain Water and their Sparkling Water, the company is expanding its sparkling options with three new flavors for you to try out Those flavors are[...]
Tony Hawk & Liquid Death Come Together For Blood-Infused Skateboards
Liquid Death and Tony Hawk came together for a special promotion as a small group of people could a skateboard infused with Hawk's own blood The company made the partnership to help out with a couple of awesome projects and did so by tempting fans of the pro-skater with limited edition skateboards printed with The[...]
Liquid Death Put A Curse On Their Own Product For Halloween
The crew over at Liquid Death decided that they needed to put a curse on their own water In the company's latest video, they hired a working witch doctor known as Mystic Dylan to put a curse on all of the water in the company's warehouse Yes, you read that correctly All of the canned[...]
Joe Manganiello Apparently Sells His Soul To Liquid Death
Specifically, Liquid Death, who is basically about as metal as you can get for a water distributor Much like how Barq's used to look like a beer can holding root beer, their cans look like modern beer cans that hold water They're very much in the idea of trying to get away from the waste[...]