Nerd Food: Are Mickey Goldfish Crackers as Good as the Originals?

I made the mistake of going to Target this weekend for shampoo — and as you may have guessed, I bought everything else too. Right now Mickey Mouse is in full force at Target, and I can't deny my love of the main mouse himself. These Goldfish crackers caught my eye. For one, I do like Goldfish. And two, Mickey Mouse! There are a few different bag designs with Mickey on them, so I went with this cute one of him walking.

The packaging is very bright and fun, and it even has a connect-the-dots game on the back! As far as the crackers, well, they're standard Goldfish. But they have Mickey shapes inside! These taste great. If you have kids, these are a decent snack time treat, and kids will likely respond well to the Mickey theme. Enjoy!

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