Nia Jax Taunts Ronda Rousey During Monday Night RAW

During RAW last night, Nia Jax came out for what I thought would be a match. It didn't really matter against whom; I just wanted to see her beat someone up. Instead we got a promo where Jax taunted Ronda Rousey for a good 10-15 minutes.

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Rousey's huge push so soon after actually performing in WWE. Don't get me wrong: I think she has in-ring talent (though her mic work needs help) and she has what it takes to be the best. But for whatever reason creative is giving her a huge push above all the other longtime in-ring talent. Most likely for higher ratings (and money), but it still feels like a slap to the face to the rest of the superstars.

Anyway, Jax wasn't impressed that Rousey came out. She proceeded to taunt and tease Rousey, insisting the armbar wouldn't do a damn thing to her.

In the end there was tension but no resolution. Obviously that's coming during their match on Money in the Bank, but I have a hard time buying into this match. Maybe it's my own bias against Rousey getting a title push this soon, or maybe it's because I'm a Jax fan. Either way, I hope Jax retains the title. Otherwise that WrestleMania win will feel like nothing.

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