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Alisa Kwitney Launches Future Echoes By Al Davison And Yen Quach At Thought Bubble
Because even though no one's lived in this place for over a century, he's not alone anymore. Future Echoes will be released in 2017 in three digital chapters before being collected in print. Its first issue is out today, with subsequent issues coming on the 10th October and the 14th November, with the collection officially published on the[...]
Thought Bubble Debut: Alien In The Outfield TPB By Jack RB Kirby And Mat Barnett
But Joel's life and the fortunes of the Roswell Rockets are about to change forever when he encounters a runaway alien who just so happens to have an incredible talent for baseball… Packed with homages to the best (and worst) of 1980s pop-culture, Alien in the Outfield is a comic book for fans of adventure, comedy,[...]