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ABLAZE Unveils Artbook and Manga Releases for December 2021
These books will make unique and appropriate gift ideas this holiday season and go on sale via Diamond-partner retailers as well as online channels on December 22nd. Cover art courtesy of ABLAZE Publishing THE DRAGON UNIVERSE by Olivier Ledroit and Laurent Souillé MSRP: $29.99 · Release Date: December 22nd Dragons They reign above the eternal snows or in the depths of the abyss…[...]
Animal Castle: ABLAZE Launches Orwellian New Series on December 1st
The full-color opening issue of the series will be available in print and digitally from leading comic retail partners and online platforms. "Animal Castle #1" cover art courtesy of ABLAZE Publishing "On the Farm, all animals were equal But in the Castle, some are more equal than others. Nestled in the heart of a farm forgotten by men,[...]
ABLAZE Announces 2 New Kid’s Graphic Novels for November
ABLAZE Publishing is expanding its range of titles with a children's and middle-grade graphic novel to be released on November 24th. BALBUZAR is an unforgettable fable about freedom, resistance, and power, and an ode to nature and the sea Gérard Moncomble's prose deftly balances action, humor, and poetry as the stunningly detailed illustrations by artist Frédéric[...]
ABLAZE Orders New Print Runs for Trese, The Cimmerian and The Breaker
1" cover art, ABLAZE Publishing The new editions will be: TRESE VOL 1 TP (Third Edition printing) TRESE VOL 2 TP (Second Edition printing) THE CIMMERIAN VOL 1 HC (Second Edition printing) THE BREAKER VOL 1 TP (Second Edition printing) "Trese Vol 2" cover art, ABLAZE Publishing Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's acclaimed graphic novel series, TRESE, has enjoyed widespread popularity following[...]
Laura: ABLAZE Launches Guillem March’s Romantic Drama in November
His art style here is more naturalistic and less bombastic or exaggerated than his subsequent superhero work. "Laura" by Guillem March, COVER A from ABLAZE Publishing LAURA will have advance solicitations starting in September, with scheduled print and digital debuts set for November 3rd.  Issue 1 will feature main cover art by Guillem March and a variant[...]
ABLAZE Announces Versus Fighting Story and Crueler Than Dead Manga
1" cover, ABLAZE Publishing VERSUS FIGHTING STORY by Izu, Madd, and Kalon MSRP: $12.99 · Release Date: August 18, 2021 The first manga dedicated to the world of e-sports competition! Max Volta, leader of a team of professional players, launches an assault on the Capcom Pro Tour, one of the major international competitions for Street Fighter V Everything does[...]
ABLAZE Launches Two New Comics by Maria Llovet
Both titles will be releasing simultaneously in print and digital adding a fun accent in plenty of time for Halloween. Porcelain #1 cover by Marie Llovet, ABLAZE Publishing Maria Llovet's PORCELAIN #1 MSRP: $3.99 Release Date: August 4th Beryl's life in the desert is relatively simple, living with her aunt and her cat, …until the day she finds and enters[...]
He Who Fights With Monsters: ABLAZE Previews WWII Horror Comic
ABLAZE publishing released a preview of their new horror series He Who Fights With Monsters, which takes readers on a harrowing action-adventure set amidst the carnage of World War II The first issue is released on September 7th. "He Who Fights With Monsters #1" cover, ABLAZE Publishing The new horror series is written by Francesco Artibani with[...]