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Walt Lardner's Little Leager From 1956 Rereleased As Meager Leagers
With all that success, that early book of cartoons has been overlooked… until now. Walt Lardner's Meager Leager courtesy of About Comics Meager Leager, just released by About Comics, is a reprint of that cartoon book When it was first published (under another title that would infringe on a trademark held by a popular youth baseball league,[...]
A Comic is Being Published to Try and Find Its Artist, Mike Bannon
The typical About Comics publication is put out because About Comics publisher Nat Gertler thinks it's good stuff… but their latest book has an additional reason as well The reprint of a comic book series drawn by Mike Bannon is being published not just because he thinks it's funny stuff, but because both the publisher[...]
Auto Draft
When I heard that About Comics was to publish The Beano I was confused I was, naturally thinking this Beano Not the American Beano Because I don't know there was one. For half a century Margaret Ahern created humorous newspaper strips about an impish orphan for The Waifs' Messenger, the monthly publication of The Mission of[...]
About Comics is making Dayenu available once again Dayenu launched in the 1950s in the Jewish Voice, a publication based in Los Angeles, which is where Rabin had various positions including being Executive Director of the Los Angeles Hillel council During the 1960s, Crown published four collections of the gags: Open Your Mouth and Say[...]
Nat Gertler Brings The Factor Superhero Comic Back Into Print
He was a "factor" in their lives.  Gertler is now collecting the stories in a new trade paperback, from his own publisher, About Comics, and a new story from Janine Johnston Here's a look at all the people us Johnstons (no relation) are joined by, with stories written by Nat. There are plenty of superhero comics[...]
After 33 Years, Bernie Mireault's The Jam Finally Gets Collected
Future Jam stories appeared from Evil Twin Comics, CO2 Comics, BEM Graphics,, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy and most recently About Comics, collecting Bernard Mireault's first four Jam stories as well as a second issue of The Jam, Urban Adventure: Super Cool, Color-injected, Turbo Adventure from Hell #2. Passing from one independent publisher to the next,[...]
Bernie Mireault's The Jam Released For The New Year
The popular alt-hero series that in the 1990s was published by such respected publishing houses as SLG, Tundra, Caliber, and Dark Horse returns in full color in The Jam Super-Cool Color-Injected Turbo Adventure From Hell issue 2, released today my favourite publisher, About Comics Alongside this, About Comics is also bringing back into print the little-seen[...]
Salimba Paul Chadwick
From religious-themed cartoons, to The Green Book, his work as About Comics is always worthy of note And now he has transferred all rights to the comic book Salimba back to comics creator Paul Chadwick, better known for Concrete. Nat Gertler Buys Rights To Salimba, Gives Back To Paul Chadwick Chadwick had co-created the character with writer Stephen Perry[...]
Page Three
From religious-themed cartoons, to The Green Book, his work as About Comics is always worthy of note And now he has something new, Page Three, another  collection of original comic book scripts for published titles, something that fans of the work and the authors can enjoy, and budding comic book writers can learn from, And[...]
About Comics to Republish the California Negro Directory: 1942-43 Edition
About Comics is a publisher who have dedicated themselves to keeping important publications ignored by many in print This has included collections of non-Peanuts work of Charles Schulz, the novels of Robert Mayer, and a graphic novel The Liberty Project by Kurt Busiek and James W Fry. They also published the The Negro Motorist Green-Book: 1940, The[...]
Comic Publisher Puts The Negro Motorist Green Book Back Into Print
As civil rights laws changed the country, making such segregation illegal, so the direct need for the book lessened. But, in a work of archival publication, a comic book publisher About Comics, which specialises in heritage revivals of forgotten works from the likes of Charles Schulz, Kurt Busiek, Bill Mumy and Gail Simone is reprinting The[...]