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About Comics to Republish the California Negro Directory: 1942-43 Edition
About Comics is a publisher who have dedicated themselves to keeping important publications ignored by many in print This has included collections of non-Peanuts work of Charles Schulz, the novels of Robert Mayer, and a graphic novel The Liberty Project by Kurt Busiek and James W Fry. They also published the The Negro Motorist Green-Book: 1940, The[...]
Comic Publisher Puts The Negro Motorist Green Book Back Into Print
As civil rights laws changed the country, making such segregation illegal, so the direct need for the book lessened. But, in a work of archival publication, a comic book publisher About Comics, which specialises in heritage revivals of forgotten works from the likes of Charles Schulz, Kurt Busiek, Bill Mumy and Gail Simone is reprinting The[...]