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Hypochondriac Director Addison Heimann on Bringing His Story to Life
Addison Heimann found a unique coping mechanism for his meltdown: write about it and put it on screen While he started as an actor, the writer-director found it best to utilize his talent behind the camera In his theatrical directorial debut, Hypochondriac, he wrote the character of Will, played by Zach Villa (American Horror Story),[...]
Hypochondriac Star Zach Villa on Mental Health & Pottery in Thriller
Villa spoke with Bleeding Cool about working with writer-director Addison Heimann, Graye, and commentary on the human experience. Zach Villa in Hypochondriac (2022) Image courtesy of XYZ Films Bleeding Cool: What drew you to 'Hypochondriac'? Zach Villa:: I got it the old-fashioned way Auditions come my way, and some of them are amazing projects you just can't wait[...]
Hypochondriac: Paget Brewster on How Film Exceeded Her Expectations
Once the Criminal Minds star met writer and director Addison Heimann, he blew her away as far as any expectations for a first-time director Brewster plays Dr Sampson, a medical professional trying to treat Will (Zach Villa), a young Hispanic gay potter battling mental illness he's desperate to stay hidden The actress spoke with Bleeding[...]