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Hillbilly: Treacherous Toe in Albatross Funnybooks November Solicits
I thought it was funny that there was no Albatross Funnybooks listing in the new Diamond Comic Distributors Previews, where Eric Powell lists his self-published line Looks like it is the latest re-acquisition for Dark Horse Comics to follow Star Wars and Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo, and it's the whole Albatross Funnybooks line. Pulpy crime thriller[...]
Eric Powell took his comic book The Goon, first published by Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press and then Dark Horse Comics, and founded his own comic book publisher, Albatross Funnybooks, to publish The Goon and everything else he has had on his mind And now he is taking all of that and turning it into[...]
Eric Powell, Lucky Yates, Mac Cushing and Gideon Kendall are creating a one-shot new comic book from Powell's publisher Albatross Funnybooks out in August Lester Of The Lesser Gods, as a lowlife basement dweller reveals his destiny as a demi-god… Eric Powell and Lucky Yates's New Comic, Lester Of The Lesser Gods LESTER OF THE LESSER GODS[...]
Skottie Young's Tank Girl in Albatross Funnybooks Feb 2021 Solicits
Skottie Young comes to Eric Powell's Albatross Funnybooks for the cardstock cover of the final issue of their 'King Tank Girl series by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin and Brett Parson. Here's a look at their full Albatross Funnybooks February 2021 solicitations. KING TANK GIRL #5 (OF 5) CVR A PARSON ALBATROSS FUNNYBOOKS DEC201151 (W) Alan Martin (A/CA) Brett Parson The[...]
Blood Force Trauma #1 Albatross Funnybooks December 2020 Soliicts
Eric Powell's publishing company, Albatross Funnybooks, is launching a brand new title in December, to accompany The Goon, Tank Girl and the like Jake Smith's throwbaxploitation comic book, Blood Force Trauma #1 Steve Mannion has another Fearless Dawn oneshot While Eric Powell has been busy in lockdown, both writing and drawing the new issues of[...]
Eric Powell Launches La Diabla in Albatross Funnybooks Oct Solicits
Eric Powell is creating a new prelude to Lords Of Misrule, a one-shot La Diabla #1, from Albatross Funnybooks in October 2020, as well as launching a new Tank Girl series, King Tank Girl written by co-creator Alan Martin and drawn by Brett Parson, looking at the character's early years… LA DIABLA #1 CVR A POWELL ALBATROSS[...]
Mystery Steve Mannion Comic in Albatross Funnybooks 2020 Schedule
Albatross Funnybooks, Eric Powell's publisher of The Goon returns to publication tomorrow with The Goon #10, and has lined up a bunch of comic books This includes Tank Girl moving from Titan Comics to Albatross Funnybooks, a Hellboy crossover with Steve Mannion's Fearless Dawn and an unannounced Steve Mannion comic book for later in the[...]
And now, in June, Mignola is crossing over his Hellboy with the Fearless ones, to be published by Eric Powell's Albatross Funnybooks. FEARLESS DAWN MEETS HELLBOY ONE SHOT MANNION CVR APR201482 (W) Mike Mignola, Steve Mannion (A) Mike Mignola (A/CA) Steve Mannion It's all out pulp adventure as Mike Mignola's Hellboy teams up with Steve Mannion's legendary underground comic[...]
BC FCBD Roundup: Dimensions Collide with 'Grumble VS. The Goon'
Free Comic Book Day 2019 was yet another embarrassment of riches, with just about every comic producing company out there putting a bunch of great, free comics in our eager little hands. But what if you missed something? What if you missed Free Comic Book Day entirely? Is there any hope of catching the books you[...]
Grumble #1 Review: Aliens, Demons, and Talking Dogs, oh My!
There is a fair amount of violence and profanity, so if you're squeamish about either, this may not be the book for you.   SUMMARY: Writer: Rafer Roberts, Artist: Mike Norton, Colorist: Marissa Louise, Letterer: Crank!, Editor: Danny Khazem, Publisher: Albatross Funnybooks, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99.   A young woman with mysterious powers rescues a shape-shifting loser[...]
Eric Powell States the Obvious: Oversaturation and Tired Gimmicks are Killing Comics
At the Diamond Retailer Summit dinner at C2E2 in Chicago, Eric Powell took the stage for the Albatross Funnybooks presentation, and he used the opportunity to state the obvious: "oversaturation of products and tired gimmicks like alternate covers are killing our business." After a heavy sigh and some scattered applause from the crowd, Powell launched[...]