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Annabelle Doesn't Play Nice in First trailer For 'Annabelle Comes Home'
Annabelle Comes Home will introduce us to new entities and artifacts in a couple weeks But ahead of the latest film in The Conjuring universe, Warner Bros has released an interactive tour of the Warren Artifact room that houses all the spooky possessed items we will see in the film, including Annabelle herself All sorts[...]
First Poster For 'Annabelle Comes Home' Features a Door You Do NOT Want to Open
Annabelle Comes Home, the newest entry into The Conjuring Universe of films, released a new trailer this morning, along with some fresh pics as well This new entry looks to expand the franchise even further than they already have, as new entities are teased and will more than likely end up with their own films[...]
Annabelle Doesn't Play Nice in First trailer For 'Annabelle Comes Home'
The first trailer for the latest offering in The Conjuring universe is here. Annabelle Comes Home brings the horror to the Warren's home, as Ed and Lorranie Warren bring everyone's favorite possesed doll to their artifacts room in their house and lock her away Guess what? She gets out All kinds of crazy shenanigans start to[...]
Annabelle Comes Home
A short teaser has been released revealing that the title for the film will be Annabelle Comes Home The film will star Mckenna Grace and Madison Iseman and will feature Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and and Lorraine Warren in some capacity Judging by the film's description by director/writer Gary Dauberman it may[...]