Nielsen Delves Into The VR/AR Market

Nielson did some research into the VR/AR market, with a focus on tracking the difference between gamers and the regular consumer electronics market. They pin much of the interest on the latest Resident Evil, saying, "With the success of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, VR devices are proving to offer more immersive experiences as well as entertainment for onlookers—as proven by the countless online videos of VR reactions being shared on social media."

While adoption of VR/AR devices is still low, the average awareness has more than doubled in the last year, leading Nielson to believe the VR/AR market is bound to take off. Specifically, "as this category continues to grow in awareness, the number of devices available, the types of gaming and non-gaming content offered will keep pace. Consumer interest will likely follow suit as VR becomes more mainstream—and more tangible—for a wider audience."

While the findings are pretty heavily subjective- nothing in their data leads to hard evidence that VR will do well- the fact that the trend hasn't just sputtered and died out is some solid evidence that VR is going nowhere.

Nielson's research also indicated that prospective VR buyers tend to skew young and male, which we could have guessed.

Still, it's some nice news for VR fans this morning. You can check out Nielson's whole report on the VR/AR market here.


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