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Arena World Championship 2021 Grand Finals Start Saturday
Blizzard Entertainment revealed more details today for the World Of Warcraft Arena World Championship 2021 Grand Finals happening this weekend The competition will kick off on September 25th at 10am PT with everything broadcast live on YouTube, as we will see both the North American and European series come to a close in the Shadowlands[...]
Arena World Championship Season One Regional Champions Crowned
This evening, Blizzard Entertainment crowned regional champions for the World Of Warcraft Arena World Championship Season One The first one to tackle the latest expansion Shadowlands no less, and it came out with some interesting surprises In the European brackets, Skill Capped nearly swept the competition until they got to the finals, but they still[...]
Blizzard Crowns World Of Warcraft AWC BFA 2020 Regional Champions
This evening, Blizzard officially crowned two regional champions for the World Of Warcraft Arena World Championship After a weekend of tough battles, we've got new North American and European champs as Wildcard Gaming took the EU title while N2KC snagged the NA title An extra tough feat considering all of the battles were held online[...]
Blizzard Releases Warcraft Arena World Championship BFA Circuit
Blizzard has released details this week about the upcoming Warcraft Arena World Championship and the teams in the BFA Circuit After weeks of competition, the organizers have rounded it down to sixteen of the best AWC teams from both North America and Europe Those teams are Cloud9, Wildcard Gaming, Spacestation Gaming, XSET, Golden Guardians, nLite, M2KC,[...]
Blizzard Reveals "World Of Warcraft" 2020 Esports Events
Blizzard has released an updated set of plans for the Arena World Championship 2020, which will be done completely online Like a lot of esports organizations, the staff was forced to take things remotely after COVID-19 put a stop to everything Which includes the AWC Battle for Azeroth season being held entirely online According to[...]
Blizzard Announces World of Warcraft's AWC and MDI Plans for 2019
This week, Blizzard has released new details of their plans for World of Warcraft's 2019 Arena World Championship (AWC) and the rebranded Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). First off, the Arena has a near-complete schedule listed for 2019, the only things that seem to be missing are dates and locations for the championship rounds The regionals seem to[...]