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America #7 Review: A Goddess For The New Age
There's not a weak one among artists Jen Bartel, Annie Wu, Ming Doyle, Aud Koch, Joe Quinones, and Joe Rivera or color artists Bartel, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Jordan Gibson. While the exposition is pretty overwhelming, I can't say that this isn't an engaging issue The presented mythos is cool, and America is an engaging character through[...]
Ultimates Squared #8 Review: Galactus And Ego Have A Heart-To-Heart
It's a full arc of the story. Aud Koch's artwork actually fits it very well He brings a humanity to the appearances of the characters, and, given the character intent-focused nature of the tale, it helps ground the proceedings Dan Brown's color work aids in this with paler shades that add to the more-mortal less-cosmic appearance[...]