Glimpse Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon In New Trailer

Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon is a beautiful film. Staggering, even. Wanting to mimic period light sources, Kubrick discovered an outdated model of camera and a (then) high-tech modern lens would allow him to capture the precious little light put put by candles for his nighttime scenes. But that's just one example of the care he […]

London Film Festival Launch: Tim Burton, The Absentee Master And Pastries

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. While Brendon was in a screening and Hannah was standing around in a field,* I had the pleasure of waking up early and scooting myself over to the BFI's press release event for the BFI's 56th London Film Festival. While the buzz word around twitter going into the screening […]

Russell T Davies' Gimp Dalek Appears In Doctor Who Series Opener

Back in the day when Russell T Davies was known for TV shows that didn't involve aliens and spaceships, had himself a replica black Dalek made for his Manchester abode, referred to by some of his friends as his "gimp Dalek", after the scene in Pulp Fiction. And for years he had to tell people […]

When Peri Met Amy – Last Night At The BFI

Nicola Bryant played Doctor Who companion Perpugilliam Brown on in the eighties, opposite Peter Davison and Colin Baker. She's now the partner of Nev Fountain, a fellow I used to know when we both wrote for BBC Radio 4's Weekending show. He went on to fame and semi-fortune with Dead Ringers, an impression show that was […]

Extended Cut Of The Shining To Get Theatrical Release This Halloween

After its initial US launch but before its release in Europe, Stanley Kubrick cut 24 minutes out of The Shining. Some say he was spurred on by bad reviews; others have said that he quickly learned from the responses of paying audiences just how he could tighten up the experience. While the director apparently considered […]

Is James Bond Really About To Meet Blofeld Again?

John Logan is one of the many writers on the upcoming Bond film, the one which may or may not take it's title and/or it's plot from the novel Carte Blanche. Earlier this week, Logan took part in a BAFTA q&a session, one of their series of "Screenwriter Lectures" presented in partnership with the BFI. […]

Hannah's Picks From The London Film Festival Sizzle Reel

The BFI 55th Annual London Film Festival is drawing nearer. Festival advent kicked off today with a presentation and a clip reel at the Leicester Square Odeon. Those of you who live, work or play in the area will probably know that the building is currently undergoing renovation, and is currently covered in scaffolding and […]

BFI IMAX Having All Night All-Night Batman Marathon

I'm a big lover of the Tim Burton Batman films, and the Nolan pictures certainly have their fans too. If you'd like to see all four back-to-back, and bigger than is humanly decent, then the BFI IMAX have you covered with their upcoming All-Nighter. Seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX is probably the biggest selling […]

Is Sucker Punch Going To Be In 3D After All? – UPDATED

Back in August, Zack Snyder told the world that his next picture, Sucker Punch, was now going to be released only in 2D, not the previously announced 3D. He said: We really were considering it. But we had seen a bunch of tests and conversion didn't sit with me that great. Without being baked in, […]

The BFI To Screen The Disney 50 In 2011

I could have been at a screening of Tangled today. Well, almost. But I wasn't. And it's a sore point. That (presumably wonderful, just-out-of-reach) film is Disney's 50th full length animated movie, and to celebrate this milestone, the mousemasters will be collaborating with the BFI on a special season to run throughout 2011. Starting on […]