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The Suicide Squad: A New Poster, 2 Clips, and 4 HQ Images
I saw The Suicide Squad at BFI London IMAX on Friday evening, released in the UK a little earlier than in the US, but only cinematically; Americans will get the chance to see it on HBOMax at home instead, something denied us Brits But I feel Americans who do that will be the worse for[...]
No Wonder Woman 1984 For London
Yesterday, I saw Wonder Woman 1984 at the BFI IMAX screen at London Waterloo At the time, I didn't realise that this experience would be denied all other Londoners when the movie is released tomorrow, and London goes into Tier 3 lockdown until the end of the year. Credit: me HBOMax is not available in the UK,[...]
Those Doctor Who Missing Episodes Rumours Get Another Injection Of Reality
And tons and tons and tons of it had been coming in from Africa to Philip Morris and his company TIEA, set up to mirror the original TIEA distributor of such BBC material around the world. Morris denied it all… until he was named as the man who had recovered the recently released nine episodes of[...]
London Film Festival Launch: Tim Burton, The Absentee Master And Pastries
Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. While Brendon was in a screening and Hannah was standing around in a field,* I had the pleasure of waking up early and scooting myself over to the BFI's press release event for the BFI's 56th London Film Festival. While the buzz word around twitter going into the screening was 'Pastries',[...]
Russell T Davies' Gimp Dalek Appears In Doctor Who Series Opener
And for years he had to tell people it wasn't actually a real Dalek from Doctor Who. You know what I mean. Anyway, the Asylum Of The Daleks, shown last night at the BFI in London, current showrunner Steven Moffat arranged for the Dalek in question to be shipped from Manchester to Wales to be used in[...]