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Blizzard Will Not Be Holding A Physical BlizzCon In 2021
Blizzard Entertainment dropped a bit of a surprise announcement today as there will be no BlizzCon 2021 happening this year At least, not in the physical sense Those of you hoping for a return to Anaheim this year will have to wait until 2022, as the company revealed today they will not be holding an[...]
Blizzard Officially Announces BlizzConline For February 2021
Blizzard Entertainment revealed today that their next convention will be called BlizzConline and will happen in 2021 The move is being done so that, while the company can't officially hold BlizzCon in Anaheim, California this year due to COVID-19, they will at least be able to give the fans some form of participation as they[...]
Photo Gallery: BlizzCon 2019
This afternoon, Blizzard Entertainment finally made the call to cancel BlizzCon 2020 due to the concerns of COVID-19 this year The word came down on social media and through the company's website, where Blizzard's executive producer of BlizzCon, Saralyn Smith, addressed the situation Here's her statement for you to read as it's clear they will[...]
Photo Gallery: BlizzCon 2019
Blizzard posted an open letter to their fans today regarding their upcoming plans for BlizzCon 2020, basically saying its too early to tell While the coronavirus has forced many to cancel their plans up until August 2020, there are many events that are still holding out hope that the year will have a significant change[...]
Photo Gallery: BlizzCon 2019
A little late to the dance, but we finally got a moment to sit down and look over all the pictures from BlizzCon 2019 Whenever I had the chance during the convention between appointments and demos, I pilled out the good camera and snapped a few shots of the action, the displays, the cosplay, and[...]
Reflecting On Our Demo Of "Diablo IV" During BlizzCon 2019
The one demo that's been sticking with me since BlizzCon 2019 was when we got a chance to test out the single-player aspect of Diablo IV Blizzard did their best to give us the grandest of presentations possible when they announced this one They went all out, and in a way, they had to Last[...]
We Played "Overwatch 2" At BlizzCon 2019 & Have Some Thoughts
It's been a couple of weeks since we attended BlizzCon 2019, but I wanted to take some time to reflect on the demos I played like Overwatch 2 Rather than rushing in with my thoughts from the event and getting buried under the 3,000 other people rushing to post their thoughts, I kicked back for[...]
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As we play a bit of catchup to our time at BlizzCon 2019, we had a chance to chat with actress Angela Sarafyan of Westworld fame at the event Sarafyan is a huge World Of Warcraft fan and player, but this turned out to be her first time ever visiting BlizzCon Not to mention the[...]
"Diablo IV" Lilith Has Arrived in New Premium Statue from Blizzard
Diablo IV was recently announced at the BlizzCon this past weekend Along with a couple of other exciting announcements like overwatch 2 I know a lot of fans have been finally looking forward to Diablo IV and nothing better to celebrate than with Blizzard Collectibles and their newest Lilith premium statue The statue stands 24.5 inches tall and[...]
"Diablo Immortal" Director Explains Lack Of BlizzCon 2019 Promotion
One of the games missing from all the promotion of BlizzCon this week was Diablo Immortal And many wondered why it wasn't on stage The explanation came shortly after the con ended, as Director Wyatt Cheng posted a notice on Reddit letting people know what was up Turns out it was on the floor all[...]
"Hearthstone" Teases A "Battle For Azeroth" Event For BlizzCon
Blizzard has put out a new teaser today that points to a big announcement coming at BlizzCon 2019. Credit: Blizzard The video shows off Madame Lazul going over her cards and speaking of change on the horizon Speaking of an uncertain fate as a conflict between two sides continues Which certainly sounds like they're going to be[...]
"Overwatch 2" Is
Credit: Blizzard Heroes never die! They get sequels, though, and Overwatch looks like it's about to get one. Blizzard is apparently going to unveil the latest iteration of Overwatch at the upcoming BlizzCon It's called Overwatch 2 (how novel!) and it might be right around the corner If this is true, the deluge of new info about[...]
From The Rumor Mill: BlizzCon Will Have A Few Major "Diablo" Reveals
After last year's presentation at BlizzCon, the Diablo team is probably going to be put under the biggest microscope by fans this year Fans were not having anything related to Diablo Immortal and took to social media to let the company know how angry they were And if you put aside all of Blizzard's most[...]
The "StarCraft II" War Chest: BlizzCon 2019 Is Officially Live
Blizzard has officially brought back the StarCraft II War Chest for BlizzCon 2019, complete with new skins and new ways to earn freebies until the World Championship Series Finals The Terrans, Protoss, and Zerg each have their own War Chest available for purchase, or you can get all three with the Warchest Complete Bundle There's[...]