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Bluehole still not taking cheaters seriously enough imo — Yuji Nakamura (@ynakamura56) February 14, 2018 PUBG has had an ongoing problem with cheaters, with one million banned in January alone, although the developers continue to work on anti-cheat measures. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Fortnite beat PUBG's concurrent PC player record by around 200,000 players. Meanwhile, Tencent's PUBG mobile[...]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Hits 3 Million Players on Xbox
An impressive feat, to say the least, and they've still got plenty of time to gain more. credit//Bluehole Since PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) launched on Xbox One through the Xbox Game Preview program, it's been awesome to see the excitement and passion on display from the Xbox community Whether you're streaming in the HypeZone on Mixer or battling for a chicken dinner with[...]
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Will Soon Allow You to Report Cheaters Through Replays
credit// Bluehole With millions and millions of players and a rather famous array of stream stalkers and cheaters, PlayerUnknown's Battleground is still coming to terms with the fact that it has a proportional number of cheaters as lawful players Now, PUBG Corp and Bluehole are allowing players to use the replay feature to report other players[...]
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In a recent interview with Inven Global, Bluehole Inc CEO CH Kim chatted about all things PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, including how he's like to see PUBG become a globally recognized brand Which sounds cool, until you get on the topic of the PS4 Kim had this to say when asked about when we'd be seeing it[...]
Bluehole Brags That PUBG Hit Three Million Concurrent PC Players
Bluehole decided to drop some knowledge on the official PlayerUnknown's Battleground Twitter account today, showing that the game had reached three million concurrent players on the PC servers, setting a new gaming milestone for their title That currently puts them at #2 for the all-time top spot, which is currently being held by Dota 2[...]
Xbox Takes Down Tweet After Unaccredited PUBG Artist Calls Them Out
If you're going to use art for a promotional campaign, be sure you actually paid for it first. That's the lesson Xbox is learning today after a Reddit user known as Macsterr called out the company for using a piece of concept art without his permission or being credited. 
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Bluehole just sent out a new update this morning for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that is starting to become a series of updates to make the Xbox One version a little more like the PC version We have the full patch notes for you below, but the key aspects for Xbox One users are the reduction in recoil[...]
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They've employed such tactics as knocking players down from long distances and then running up to them to seel an aimbot program that took them out, or running side-by-side with a running car in the game to get them to purchase a speed script. credit//Bluehole Gotta give the kids points, that's some creative salesmanship, only it's not[...]
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Reuters released a story over the weekend detailing the plans Bluehole has releasing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China According to the report, the Chinese government isn't too fond of the "killing" aspect to a battle royale game and would rather players focused on the "teamwork" aspect Bluehole, not wanting to miss out on the massive gaming[...]
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credit//Bluehole PUBG Corporation, the Korean branch of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds development, announced today that they has signed a partnership with Tencent, the leading provider of Internet value-added services in China, to publish and distribute PUBG in China. "PUBG has sold more than 20 million copies since we released the game in March 2017, and we expect our strategic[...]
Bluehole Studios Announces New MMORPG Ascent: Infinite Realm
Bluehole, the developer behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has announced their next game, which is an open-world MMORPG called Ascent: Infinite Realm. Ascent: Infinite Realm is a blend of both the steampunk and high fantasy genres and features Realm Vs Realm PvP combat with both ground-based and aerial combat which should be pretty fun for players to kick around with. In[...]
'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Brag About Their Own 20 Million
Apparently, Bluehole and Epic Games are going to be engaging in an "anything you can do I can do better" type of feud over battle royale success After Epic Games made their announcement about Fortnite reaching 20 million players, Bluehole fired back with an announcement of their own on Twitter declaring that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds had[...]