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Neil Gaiman to Play Charles Dickens on the New York Stage
Well, we never thought this would happen – beloved fantasy comics writer, fantasy novelist & showrunner of Good Omens, Neil Gaiman, has turned into England's most cherished classic author Charles Dickens, arguably the most influential popular British author of all time In real life, Dickens sold out theatres and town halls reading from A Christmas[...]
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol: Steven Moffat’s 1st Overbaked Special
A Christmas pudding too much treacle and not enough brandy. Of course, Moffat would adapt Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, filtered through the Science Fiction lens of Doctor Who He combines it with "Continuity Errors", a short story he wrote in the 1990s for one of the Virgin Doctor Who short story anthologies In the original[...]
The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln previews his turn as Scrooge in Old Vic's A Christmas Carol (Image: Old Vic)
But we were so wrong- thinking more with our "fanboy heart" than with our "cool, cynical editor's brain." But at least we know where we can find Lincoln (we're sure Rick's a little CRM busy) starting December 12, and that's at The Old Vic for Matthew Warchus' (Pride, The Three Kings) production of Charles Dickens' classic[...]
from Cairo, Illinois in June 1880 gives us the hook we need into exploring this completely-forgotten history. One noteworthy and well-documented instance of early American fandom was the incredible popularity of Charles Dickens here in the United States If you've ever heard the anecdotes about people waiting at the port for ships from England to bring[...]
That New 'A Christmas Carol' Adaptation From BBC Heads to FX
Back in 2017, Sir Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions and Tom Hardy's Hardy Son & Baker announced a join project with the BBC to bring a new adaptation of Charles Dickens' classic holiday tale "A Christmas Carol" to television We haven't really heard anything about it since then, until this morning's announcement that FX has partnered with BBC[...]
Bah! Humbug! Why 'A Christmas Carol' Needs a Holiday from the Holidays
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is an American tradition during the end-of-the-year holidays It's a quality story – but unfortunately, an abused one and most often the point gets lost on audiences Whether it's a direct adaptation of the Dickens' novel or the beloved American film It's a Wonderful Life, both main characters deal with a[...]
Fandom 1842: Happy 176th Birthday, Comic Books in America
He had authors he wanted to champion, he had rivals he wanted to best (in particular, Park Benjamin of the New World), and he was feeling his way towards a concept that his publishing peers hadn't caught onto, quite yet: Young America, fresh from its revolution and coming to grips with the meaning of democracy[...]
Olivia Twist: A Dickensian, Dystopian New Comic from Darin Strauss, Adam Dalva, and Emma Vieceli at Berger Books
Dark Horse and the Berger Books imprint have announced their next upcoming series: a reimagining of Charles Dickens's novel Oliver Twist set in a dystopian future. Olivia Twist is billed as "a female-centric futuristic fable" from the slightly less female-centric creative team of bestselling author Darin Strauss, short fiction author Adam Dalva, artist Emma Vieceli, and colorist Lee Loughridge[...]
Tom Hardy, Steven Knight Adapting Charles Dickens For BBC One
Credit: Photo by David Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock In 2019, Ebenezer Scrooge is set to be visited by a fourth ghost on Christmas Eve,"The Ghost of Christmas Adaptations," as Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight has been tapped to adapt Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol and several of the author's other works for BBC One[...]
Harvey Kurtzman christmas carol
Starting today on digital comics platform Comixology, you can purchase Harvey Kurtzman's Marley's Ghost, which is not, as the title implies, a graphic novel about a ghost named Marley belonging to deceased legendary comics creator Harvey Kurtzman, but rather a graphic novel called Marley's Ghost by Harvey Kurtzman, an adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic,[...]
charles dickens
I don't think I'd consider Charles Dickens as The Man Who Invented Christmas, but I do often think of him as an author who would be very much at home writing in the modern-day comic book industry  He was mobbed, overwhelmed, and often perplexed by American fans on his first trip here in 1842 He[...]
First Look At Legion's Dan Stevens As Charles Dickens
No, it's not part of some Downton Abbey Christmas episode, it's a first image of Dan Stevens as none other than ol' Boz himself, Charles Dickens It's for an upcoming film The Man Who Invented Christmas, set to hit theaters in late '17 Set in 1843, a debt-ridden and dispirited Dickens wrote a short novel which he[...]