Cleveland Browns

It's Always Sunny in Atlanta: The Bleeding Cool Gang Fixes The Super Bowl

"I'm Chet Throwhard, 27-time Super Bowl winning Hall of Fame quarterback for the Cleveland Browns - and by my side riding shotgun on color is Walt "The Wild Man" Williams Welcome to the 37th hour of the Doritos-KFC-Pepto Bismal Super Bowl LIII Pre-Game Show, brought to you by two of 2019's most highly-anticpated films: Dumbo[...]

2019 NFL Draft: ABC Airing All Days; Two Nights Original Primetime Coverage

The combination of making the game look prettier, giving fans different ways to watch, the growth of fantasy football, and more states looking to legalize gambling created a "perfect storm" for the National Football League (NFL). Over the past twenty years, the NFL's growth is nearly unprecedented – and with that growth came a lot […]

BC Toy Spotting Collage 1

BC Toy Spotting: New Marvel Legends, Fortnite Funko, and More!

Welcome to the first edition of BC Toy Spotting! We are in and out of stores pretty much every day, and we figure (ha!) why not show all of our fellow collectors what we are coming across on pegs and shelves. As collectors, we know that staying on top of what is in stores can […]

HBO Chooses the Cleveland Browns for the New Season of Hard Knocks

The Cleveland Browns are, unfortunately, a very bad football team They've gone 4-44 over the last three seasons, and if you think that's bad, three of those wins were in 2015.. meaning they have won one game since December 14th, 2015 One win since before we got the first Deadpool movie.In that time they've drafted[...]

Could Racially Charged Tweets Derail Top Quarterback Prospect's Draft Hopes?

The tweets were removed when the account was vetted back in January in preparation for the draft process.Allen is ranked by many as the top quarterback prospect in the draft and projected to go to the Cleveland Browns with the first overall pick this evening According to Allen, not teams have reached out to him[...]

New Era 2018 NFL Draft Hats Available Now, Not the Greatest Ever

I look forward to getting this release every year (I have every Cleveland Browns draft hat since 2003 because I hate myself), and this may be the first year I skip I am not the biggest fan of the "team slogan" concept for the hats The added team phrase on the inside of the bill[...]

NFL Draft Preview – AFC North

They should be able to get someone on day three.CLEVELAND BROWNS - The team is in an amazing position going into the draft, the have two of the first four picks and five picks in the first three rounds They added Tyrod Taylor to play quarterback, but he's just a stop gap and it is[...]

Cleveland Browns

NFL Post Mortem – 2017 Cleveland Browns

After a disastrous 2016 season where the Cleveland Browns finished 1-15 with the top pick in the draft and a glaring hole at quarterback, it seems that the team had no where to go but up Turns out, that was wrong The team brought in Sashi Brown with the idea of doing Major League Baseball[...]

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns and the Perfect End to a Bad Season

The Cleveland Browns are a very bad football team I know it's not a nice thing to say The team is filled with good people trying their best to be a winning franchise, and they have a dedicated a loyal fan base who put up with horribly cold weather at times to root for their[...]

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns Fire and Replace Sashi Brown in the Same Day

There has been a whirlwind of activity in Cleveland this week as the Browns owner Jimmy Haslam fired Vice president Sashi Brown, announced that head coach Hue Jackson would be back for 2018 and then hired Jim Dorsey as the new GM before the New York Giants could. Breaking this down. On Thursday Haslam fired […]

Cleveland Browns

Don't Despair, Cleveland; The 0-10 Browns Could Still Make The Playoffs

The Cleveland Browns are not having a very good season Unless, that is, their goal is to get the top draft pick again, in which case they are the front runners Having yet to win a game this season after ten tries, fans of the NFL team may be disheartened But according to an ESPN[...]


NFL Players Lock Arms And #TakeTheKnee At Kickoff Today

NFL players took to the field (some of them) at the start of games today and locked arms and took a knee in protest of racial inequality and police brutality. All players from teams, regardless of race, stood together with arms linked, both standing and kneeling. Some teams didn't even come out of the locker […]

Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler: From Denver To Houston To Cleveland To Denver

Osweiler's play was far from worth what he was making and even though the team made the playoffs, it was on the back of the defense and in spite of the quarterback play.In a move that was pretty much a salary dump a-la the NBA, the Texans traded Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns, who had[...]

NFL Round-Up: Detroit Lions Give Up On A First Rounder

Watt has adjusted up the goal multiple times but will now just leave it open to see how high it will go.And within hours of being released by the Cleveland Browns, Joe Haden was signing a three-year deal to join the Steelers The two-time pro bowl corner is geting $27 million with $7 million of[...]

PIttsburgh Steelers

Early NFL Power Rankings – A Trip To The AFC North

With the right pieces, the team could stand toe-to-toe with the Steelers on a regular basis, but they haven't been able to get those pieces in a while.Cleveland Browns - The Browns enter the second season of their Money Ball experiment The team is without any really good option at quarterback Instead of using one[...]

From New York To Cleveland – Calvin Pryor Traded To The Browns

The Jets were planning to either trade Pryor or release him (According to ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter) and they drafted two safeties, Jamal Adams in the first round and Marcus Maye in the second, to make moving on easier.The Jets found a trading partner, sending Pryor off to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for[...]

Cleveland Browns Sign #1 Draft Pick To $30 Million Contract

The only issue was if the Cleveland Browns would go with the best player, reach for a quarterback or trade away the pick The Browns took the first option, taking the Defensive End from Texas A&M to help their anemic pass rush His 31 sacks, 47 tackles of loss and 7 forced fumbles shows that[...]

Cleveland Brown Draft Pick Suffers Season Threatening Injury

The Cleveland Browns have to feel snake bit when it comes to their draft picks Each year they do their best to bring in fresh blood to help turn the franchise around, and every year something seems to happen It's been less than a month since the draft and the Browns have already suffered a[...]


NFL Draft 2017 – Reviewing The AFC

Even those who believe he is sincere in his remorse over the incident won’t allow him a second mistake.Cleveland Browns: The Browns looked like they were watching the Kevin Costner film Draft Day as they went out and got the top pick I the draft, Myles Garrett, then traded back and got the Texans 1st[...]

Needs Around The League – AFC North

They may be looking at a running back for insurance in case Giovanni Bernard doesn’t come back 100% from his ACL injury.CLEVELAND BROWNS 2016 Record: 1-15 First PIck: #1 Needs: Quarterback, Pass Rusher, Defensive Back, Wide Receiver Analysis: It’s not all bad news for Cleveland Last year they did a good job of building their offensive line which is[...]