CMON Expo 2020 Cancelled, Coronavirus to Blame (Again)

As a tabletop gamer, I'm sorry to say that we practically saw this coming. From video game conventions of all sorts (including Pokemon GO – of which the St. Louis Safari Zone is among the most recent casualties) to major streaming conventions like TwitchCon and far beyond, fear of the recent outbreak of coronavirus has permeated into con culture on all levels – and now, it's gotten into the tabletop miniatures world.

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This latest cancellation comes from the Cool Mini Or Not Expo based in Atlanta, which cancelled their May convention this past Friday, March 6th. Their statement was pithy and frank about the concerns surrounding the convention and the virus's impact on it:

CMON Expo is the few days each year that our diehard fans can come to Atlanta to meet, discuss, play CMON all weekend long. It lets our fans take a glimpse into all the exciting projects we've been working on and spend the entire weekend with us. This kind of celebration is part of our DNA since the company first started.

This year, we had a very difficult decision to make. The Coronavirus pandemic is spreading at an alarming rate, and most governments are asking their citizens to refrain from big public gatherings. With a heavy heart, CMON has decided, for the safety of our employees, our guests and our attendees, to cancel CMON Expo 2020.

We look forward to see you again soon. In the meantime stay safe and happy gaming!

What's next, folks? Are we missing out on GenCon 2020 next? Any number of professional Magic tournament events? Is tabletop gaming going to be lost to this virus? What comes next? Will people create online solutions to this clear loss of personal interaction? There are so many questions that ought to be answered in due time.

What are your thoughts on this cancellation? Let us know!

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