More Holiday Bargains – Bullseye's First Appearance, Daredevil #131, Hits Record Low In CGC 9.8 In Boxing Day Bidding

In an auction ending late on Boxing Day, despite multiple bidders and 38 bids, a CGC 9.8 copy, with off-white to white pages, of Bullseye's first appearance failed to crack $1,000, closing at $976. This is the first sale out of fourteen recorded at CGC 9.8 to fail to crack that mark.

Daredevil 131How much of a bargain was this? The previous low was $1,200, set in 2010. Ten of the fourteen sales went for at least $1,500. The previous CGC 9.8 sale this year was back in May, for $1,315, $339 more than Monday's sale. Overall, this issue has been on fairly consistent downward path from the highs of the earliest CGC 9.8 sales recorded, with the first seven sales all being over $1,600, and the first three over $2,000, but none have been higher than $1,500 since.

Similar downward movement has been seen at other grades too. A CGC 9.6 sold on December 17 for $332, $90 less than the average sale price in 2009, and two sales in November, at $275 and then $269, set record lows in this grade. In CGC 9.2, a sale on December 19 for $91 was $65 less than the 2010 average, and that also wasn't the lowest price in the last three months.

In other words, across the board, there's a serious market correction going on with Bullseye's first appearance, so if you were thinking of selling yours, you better sell quick.

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