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While the world was paying attention to San Diego Comic-Con, USA Network apparently canceled the show Colony The news comes via punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline, who noticed something was amiss when Colony had no presence at the convention, as it has throughout its run As it turns out, the reason Colony wasn't at SDCC[...]
It seems like that Highlander reboot almost no one wants is finally moving forward, if a source at Deadline can be believed. The outlet claims that they "hear" Ryan Condal (Colony) has turned in a script for a immortal reboot to Lionsgate, who has been semi-actively developing the project on and off since 2008 Summit Entertainment held[...]
SDCC '15: The Colony Panel – The One Before The Orphan Black Panel
Most hadn't even heard of this, I know I hadn't, but on Friday evening, I got my introduction at the Colony panel. I'm gonna be honest here, I only attended the panel to see the Orphan Black panel I'm not a massive Lost fan, only picking up the occasional episode every now and again. Colony was described[...]