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Could We Get a New Hulk #1 for June?
Just looking at the Marvel May 2018 solicitations that Bleeding Cool broke out earlier today reveals these listings for the Incredible Hulk, the series
image comics eric stephenson
Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson is moving up in the world. According to a press release sent out by Image, Stephenson has joined the Image board of directors, an esteemed group that includes Robert Kirkman, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, and Jim Valentino.
Diamond Brings Spinner Racks Back to Comic Stores
Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool noticed that Barnes and Noble were no longer selling DC Comics on the newsstand. But it seems that Diamond Comic Distributors is at least preserving the spirit... by commissioning and making available these US-made pocket comic spinner racks.
Comic Store In Your Future: Bad Times And Good Customers
I remember telling one my staff "If you are on board then I am going to resign the lease." With the economy doing so well currently it is tough to find good help. Most comic stores sell the card game, Magic the Gathering It is very popular So popular big chain stores carry it Then I[...]
52 Stories From ComicsPRO – Time To Catch Up On What You Missed Out On — Matthew Price (@nerdage) February 16, 2017 State Of The Industry More Comics And Graphic Novels Sold In Comic Stores In 2016 Than In 2015, ComicsPRO Attendees Told By Diamond ComicsPRO Meeting, The Industry Equivalent Of The Bilderberg Group, Begins Today The Morning After The Night Before At ComicsPRO On Boycotting DC $3.99 Titles And The Lowest Marvel Sales In[...]