Could We Get a New Hulk #1 for June?

Just looking at the Marvel May 2018 solicitations that Bleeding Cool broke out earlier today reveals these listings for the Incredible Hulk, the series that currently stars Amadeus Cho in the Hulk role.

(W) Greg Pak (A) Carlo Barberi (CA) Greg Land
WORLD WAR HULK II CONTINUES! Amadeus Cho has always thought of himself as the fun Hulk — the totally awesome Hulk. But now the Dark Hulk within him is calling the shots with brutal consequences for anyone who's ever wronged Amadeus or stood in his way. Get ready for Amadeus unleashed and cataclysmic smashing in the heart of New York as our hero — and the world — finally learns just what the curse of the Hulk is all about. (STL079577)
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

(W) Greg Pak (A) Carlo Barberi (CA) Mike Deodato
THE MONSTER'S END! The curse of the Hulk has turned into a horror, and now Amadeus enters his final showdown with the monster within. But what happens if the monster… turns out to be Amadeus himself? A hero faces his greatest demons with the lives of everyone he loves in the balance and massive repercussions for Amadeus and the Hulk! (STL079928)
32pgs, FC SRP: $3.99

However recent issues of Avengers have indicated that the Bruce Banner Hulk will be back any day now. And these May listings do seem to be a little finalistic.

Is a Hulk #1 on the cards for June? To join Avengers #1, Thor #1 and probably Captain America #1, Amazing Spider-Man #1 and Iron Man #1 as well? Or may we get a Gates Of Valhalla-style intemim issue and a Hulk #1 in July?

Maybe we'll discover more at ComicsPRO..Could We Get a New Hulk #1 for June?

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