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DC Drops Cameron Stewart Comic After Social Media Allegations
I have covered several such revelations within the comic book industry, and they all take time Bleeding Cool EIC Kaitlyn Booth has held the line that we don't repeat accusations on Bleeding Cool without the explicit agreement of those making them, so as not to put a spotlight on the individual in question This sometimes[...]
Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau DC Poster Portfolio Front Cover
Several sellers though on eBay has figured out that the demand for Artgerm is so high that a great profit can be made off buying the Artgerm DC Poster Portfolio and selling each individual heavy paper poster for at least $12, and some selling for over $40 (in fact 14 have sold at this price[...]
Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 Review -- Here Comes Adventure
When you add to that the enticing cover which promises a new ring wielder in the future that's undoubtedly not a green recruit, a new multi-armed Doctor Fate and the accurately named Monster Boy, you'd expect Legion of Super-Heroes #6 to be all kinds of amazing. The cover of Legion Of Super-Heroes #6 published by DC[...]
Black Cat #11 Review: The Despinan Ambassador
There's only one piece left, and the only place in the world anyone could find that impossibly rare piece is if they made it … under the nose of Iron Man. The cover of Black Cat #11 published by Marvel Comics with the creative team of Jed McKay, C.F Villa, Brian Reber, and Ferran Delgado.   Set in[...]
Ethan Sacks' Fire Breathing Writer’s Commentary on Kiss Zombies #5
But Ethan Sacks has a Writer's Commentary for his Kiss Zombies comic just out from Dynamite Entertainment He writes. Ethan Sacks' Fire Breathing Writer's Commentary on Kiss Zombies #5. Page 1: It all comes down to this! When crafting my original pitch and outline for Kevin Ketner, my editor at Dynamite, I wanted to end the series with[...]
Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Incentive Variant Front Cover
The current nature of the direct comic book market is kind of in flux right now, for lots of reasons.  The nature of ordering comic books, though, is always a beast, particularly when ordering from many of the big publishers Marvel, Dynamite, and the rest like DC, Image, IDW, and Boom (to a lesser degree),[...]
Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – World War Hulk
It was the trauma from a swiftly spreading communist regime and rise of Nazi Germany that would eventually lead to his advocacy for severe military force in response to any threat to the United States. In a comparable trajectory with Teller, Marvel Comics introduced a nuclear weapon turned world breaker with its 2007 crossover storyline World[...]
The Back-Order List 6/3/2020: Lots of DC with Catwoman 80th #1 Leading
Every week your Local Comic Book Shop, hopefully, gets in a weekly assortment of comics, trades, posters, action figures, and other goodies from Diamond.  Now some of these goodies sell out fast from your LCBS, so Tuesday and Wednesday LCBS retailers get on the phone (more often the computer) and let Diamond know they need[...]
Craig Yoe Auction
Craig Yoe has been a part of the comic community for years His spellbinding books and his devotion to local comic shops is unwavering As we all know, the comic book community has been hit pretty hard due to COVID-19 Shops have closed, or laid off staff, or have struggled with the reopening One shop[...]
Spider-Man Scales Manhattan Bridge at Black Lives Matter Protest
Our comic book heroes have become part of the protest language of the times.  This has been true, in other forms, throughout the course of history Robin Hood, The Three Musketeers, and many more over decades and centuries.  And now, Spider-man Over the past few days, we have seen comic book iconography used again and[...]
Comics & Complication, Stories to Guide Us – Superman and the Nail
His son, inspired by his own helplessness, went on to create arguably one of the most influential superheroes in history; a man immune to bullets and the ability to stop any crime he sets his mind to; Superman. The cover of The Nail by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer and published by DC Comics. When Kal-El first[...]
His comic sets the stage by jumping through each narrative quickly for the different players in the game and gets them quickly moving to either save Great Britain or destroy it It's the good guys' brains versus the bad guys' brawn and it's hard to not have a vested interest in either side as both[...]