Bleeding Cool Chatter #18.2: Comics Talk (X-Men Red #1)

Bleeding Cool Chatter is usually the show where I, Head Film Writer Kaitlyn Booth, drag a bunch of Bleeding Cool writers into a chat to talk about the latest in TV and movies. Despite being a comic-based site, several of our movie and TV writers just don't have the time to keep up with comics. We need to branch out, though, and over the course of two episodes I will be hosting comic-based videos with some of Bleeding Cool writers until they branch into their own show after that (the title of that show is still pending).

So, over the course of the next several short episodes, toys and collectibles writer Jeremy Konrad and comic reviews editor Josh Davison are going to try and convince me to read some comics (with a bonus Bill Watters recording, producing, and offering color commentary).

The second book we decided to go over was X-Men Red #1 and was the first book that Jeremy and Josh ended up disagreeing on. Josh's full review can be found here. Watch as one tries to convince me to spend money and the other tries to make me save money on this comic.

The format for these comic based episodes will be shorter episodes, with one covering each book. We recorded this episode in one sitting and didn't do intros and outros for each book because, at the time, we weren't sure how we wanted to have this set up. In future episodes they will feel like their own thing rather than one show broken into big-sized chunks.

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