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Could Netflix Be Designated Survivor's Last Second Savior?
Following up on earlier reports that eOne was actively pursuing a new home for recently cancelled Designated Survivor comes word that the producer is in direct talks with Netflix about picking up the Kiefer Sutherland-starring political thriller.
Comics As Part Of Political Science? The Green Lantern Theory Of The Presidency
 Or in more detail: The Green Lantern Theory of the Presidency is "the belief that the president can achieve any political or policy objective if only he tries hard enough or uses the right tactics." In other words, the American president is functionally all-powerful, and whenever he can't get something done, it's because he's not trying[...]
Top Shelf Donates Civil Rights Graphic Novel To Every Member Of Congress
John Lewis memoir March: Book One was already historical as the first graphic novel written by a member of congress, but its bestseller status (on both the New York Times and Washington Post bestseller list) prompted the re-release of the 1950's comic book Martin Luther King And The Montgomery Story, the civil rights book that[...]