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Snowfall Creator Makes New Series About Cannabis-Boom
Eric Amadio, co-creator of FX series Snowfall (which is about the cocaine industry in the 1980s), is teaming up with two major cannabis brands, Cookies & GasHouse, as well as Entertainment 360 and director Christian Gudegast (of Den of Thieves notoriety) to create a new untitled scripted series about cannabis entrepreneurs Inspired by true events,[...]
Nailed It! Season 2: Cobra Cakes, Humpty Dumpty 'Roid Rage and More! (BC REWIND)
This is a baking competition still, right? And beofre I forget…how do you mess up Pigs in a Blanket?!? Having to recreate a "BBQ Grill Cake," one of the contestants got so carried away getting her frustration out on a pan that she broke a spatula. Netflix Episode 4 "Holi-daze" Everything you need to know is in this line:[...]
mickey cookies
Spring is starting to peek its head out from winter's cold embrace, and I, for one, couldn't be any more excited! To celebrate, why not try your hand at these Hidden Mickey Stained Glass Cookies? They absolutely scream spring, and they'll delight any cookie fan. Ingredients 1 package assorted hard candies 3 Cups flour 3/4 Tsp baking powder 1/4 Tsp[...]