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Star Wars Darth Vader #22 Review: Everything You Love
Credit: Marvel Darth Vader, on the surface, has been telling everyone that he's focused on destroying the criminal organization Crimson Dawn Now, if you're up on canon, you know Crimson Dawn was the syndicate run by Darth Maul that Qi'ra served in the movie Solo Now, years after Maul's death on the sands of Tattooine, Qi'ra[...]
Star Wars Darth Vader #21 Review: Shadowy Struggle
Credit: Marvel Comics Crimson Dawn is a vast, secretive interstellar criminal organization with a singular goal — killing Emperor Palpatine and his relentless apprentice and enforcer, our title character Qi'ra, the lost love interest from the Solo movie, has inherited leadership of Crimson Dawn and overseen their clandestine installation into every echelon of the galaxy[...]
Star Wars Darth Vader #20 Review: Being Manipulated
She also knows Vader intends to kill anyone who hid the existence of Luke from the Sith apprentice, and since he's also hell-bent on burning Crimson Dawn to the ground, she can use that relentless intent to address some concerns of her own. Greg Pak's script does great work with Vader, as he slices through well-dressed[...]
Star Wars Darth Vader #19 Review: Rough Customers
The core sentiment of Star Wars: Darth Vader #19 echoes Anakin Skywalker's words from Attack of the Clones, as re-depicted here: "I don't think the system works." With an eclectic crew of murderers at his side, each working from nuanced motivations, Vader seeks to put an end to the criminal organization Crimson Dawn no matter[...]
Star Wars Crimson Reign #1 Review: Soft Power
After a fantastic performance in the film Solo, the other best-known name from Corellia, steps into prominence with the light of a Crimson Dawn in Star Wars: Crimson Reign #1, armed with possibly the most dangerous thing in the galaxy — the truth Qi'ra has created a fancast fantasy league lineup to shake the Star[...]
Star Wars: The Crimson Reign Begins
And we see Crimson Dawn everywhere, the intergalactic criminal empre introduced in Solo: A Star Wars Story, led by Qi'Ra, former girlfriend of Han Solo Star Wars Doctor Aphra #16 lays that out with Aphra and Sana, former wife of Han Solo… Star Wars Doctor Aphra #16 Man, that Han Solo does get around, does he not?[...]
Star Wars: The Hidden Empire To Conclude Trilogy From Marvel In 2022
And now, as Marvel Comics prepares to publish the end of its first linewide Star Wars event, War Of The Bounty Hunters, as well as tease Crimson Reign as another linewide event, introducing the Crimson Dawn to the space between Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi, so it is also planning a third[...]
Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Sequel to Solo Movie (Spoilers)
And that's when the Solo: A Star Wars Story decided that it wants to get involved, dragging its own canon into the mixture, and making Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters not just an interlude between Empire and Return, but a direct sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story.   Because the people who stole Han[...]