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The Girl In The Woods Trailer Drops, Series Debuts October 21st
Crypt TV produced the series for the streamer, with Stefanie Scott, Misha Osherovich, Sofia Bryant, Will Yun Lee, Kylie Liya Page, Reed Diamond, and Leonard Roberts starring in the series The first four of the eight episodes were directed by Kristen Ritter, with the back four directed by Jacob Chase The series is based on Crypt[...]
Blumhouse/Crypt Tv Team Up For New Podcast Thriller Mordeo
Blumhouse Television is teaming up with Crypt TV to produce a new thriller podcast based on the web series The Mordeo iHeartRadio will be the home for the series, which will consist of ten episodes and will be directed by Alex Kemp The Mordeo, "a ravenous, bloodthirsty creature", has over 35 million views across Crypt[...]
Auto Draft
Behaviour Interactive and Crypt TV have come together to add three now killer outfits to Dead By Daylight inspired by the company All three of these look absolutely terrifying as they have given The Hag, The Huntress, and The Doctor truly gruesome and horrifying looks, all of which take from three different characters from CTV[...]
The Birch: Stars Xaria Dotson and Jordyn DiNatale Talk Second Season
I spoke with Dotson and Jordyn DiNatale (The Irishman), who plays Rory, the latest to call upon the creature to confront her bullies and what to look forward to in the second season. Image courtesy of Crypt TV/Facebook "[Evie] starts off in season one as someone who's very quiet, very vulnerable, and ends up joining up with[...]