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Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale Ends Soon, Here's What You Should Grab While You Can

Criterion Collection 50% Off Sale Ends Soon, Here's What You Should Grab While You Can

Co-written with star Greta Gerwig, the disc features a new tranfer of the film, numerous conversations with the Baumbach and Gerwig, along with the film's director of photography and color master.Videodrome, directed by David CronenbergThe most out there film of these picks, Videodrome dropped into the world in 1983 with a complex plot, stunning visual[...]

Castle Talk: Beyond Fest Founders Talk Their "Halloween Day," Live Cronenberg And More

We talk about the David Cronenberg Retrospective they're hosting which will feature live Q&As with Cronenberg and luminaries such as Debbie Harry and Jennifer Jason Leigh, Halloween Day featuring the new film plus a free tattoo, and more.Listen here:http://audio.voxnest.com/stream/6f142deca77f468b96afa07d21684af0/traffic.libsyn.com/castleofhorror/Beyond_Fest_rev.mp3Listen on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Lbo8yC-kg0Check out the Festival Schedule. [...]

Will New David Cronenberg TV Series Lead Us Towards Dimension C-137's Fate?

[caption id="attachment_911564" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Diana Piruzevska[/caption]Filmmaker David Cronenberg, the creative mind behind such diverse films as Scanners, Dead Ringers, and A History of Violence, announced at this year's Venice Film Festival that he is in the early stages of developing a series for television Though he was unable to discuss any of the series' specifics[...]


The Weekly Static S01E07: Scary Pumpkins, A 'Wild' Dogg, And More!

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! The Weekly Static! The Weekly Static!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Db7Ym2-lIkAs I've mantra'd for the past six episodes, The Weekly Static is my righteously desperate-yet-endearing attempt at finding the lighter side and an interesting perspective on the past week in the land of the networks, cable, streaming, smoke signals, cloud[...]

David Cronenberg's 'Scanners' Being Developed For TV

In what has been described as a competitive situation that I hope didn't involve any righteous migraines or exploding skulls, David Cronenberg's cult classic 1981 science fiction thriller Scanners is being developed as a television series.Once the dust settled from a bidding war involving a number of film and television studios like Lionsgate, Skydance and[...]

Martin Scorsese Defends The Horror Genre In Vintage Interview

He also name-checks David Cronenberg's then-current Scanners.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmLIqWCVGJ8[/youtube] In a vintage interview on Late Night with David Letterman, director Martin Scorsese talks about his earlier love of film Unable to play sports, he spent much of his free time in movie theaters Those early experiences led to a life-long study of film and, of course, making[...]

IDW To Publish The Fly: Outbreak

28 years after Jeff Goldblum got transformed into a giant man/fly hybrid, IDW Publishing is picking up where the David Cronenberg directed film left off The Fly: Outbreak is a five-issue miniseries by Brandon Seifert (Hellraiser) and menton3 (Silent Hill). Years ago, a scientist had a horrific accident when he tried to use his newly invented teleportation[...]

The Castle of Horror Podcast Presents: Nightbreed

By Jason Henderson, Drew Edwards, Tony Salvaggio, and Julia Guzman[audio:http://recordings.talkshoe.com/TC-99734/TS-873740.mp3]Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Castle of Horror Podcast tonight, a weekly internet radio show where professional writers in the comics, games and book industries take a look at horror movies, choosing one movie a week to discuss in depth.They say:This week we talk Clive Barker's[...]

Bizarre And Totally Cronenberg First Trailer For His Debut Novel

"What the hell did I just watch?" was my first thought upon watching this trailer for David Cronenberg's Consumed, transferring his singular cinematic vision to prose form for the first time with his debut novel.Very disturbing, very bizzare and doesn't really give anything away about the plot, which actually sounds mundane after watching this: "the[...]

Rie Rasmussen To Remake David Cronenberg's Shivers

Then, in 2008 she directed Human Zoo, an idiosyncratic, explosively aggressive drama about immigration in modern Europe.She since directed another film, Romance in the Dark, which I've never seen so much as a trailer for, and for her third, is set to remake David Cronenberg's Shivers.The original film came up here just a week back[...]

Rachel Weisz To Star In David Cronenberg's Maps To The Stars

We've known for some time that David Cronenberg's next project, Maps to the Stars, would see the return of two of his previous male leads in Robert Pattinson and Viggo Mortensen For a long while the project was unconfirmed because, like Cosmopolis, Cronenberg said that it was very difficult to get funding for However, the[...]

Videodrome Remake Apparently Set To Turn It Into "Large-Scale Sci-Fi Action Thriller"

Commercials director Adam Berg is perhaps best known for his Carousel spot for Phillips, a gimmicky interactive take on the "bullet time" camera effect that traded on imagery from The Dark Knight to promote a short-lives series of cinemascope-shaped TV sets (I'll put a non-interactive version at the foot of this post).Now he's been set[...]

Cosmopolis – The Other Bleeding Cool Review

Had Cosmopolis worked, it probably would have turned out as something between Mary Harron's American Psycho and Martin Scorsese's After Hours. It is both a Ulyssean tale of one man's journey from the affluence and decadence of his adulthood back to the innocence of his childhood, and a cautionary tale of a business prodigy so […]

Cronenberg To Shoot New Movie In France, Reunite With Robert Pattinson

It hasn't become clear just what David Cronenberg's next feature will be, now that he's delivered Cosmopolis in time for Cannes.He does have a TV pilot called Knifeman on the cards, but beyond that, all I can see are a number of in-development projects that go way back, and which have been lying so still[...]

Alien, From The Point Of View Of Jones The Cat

While we´re all waiting (forever) for David Cronenberg to remake Alien from the point of view of the facehugger, here´s "the next best thing."Film critic Anne Billson has written, and published as a free e-book, My Day by Jones: A Cat's-Eye View of Alien It does precisely what she promises.Here´s the opening passage: Y-a-w-n[...]