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Furloughed Funko and DC Packaging in The Daily LITG 26th April 2020

Photo Credit: Tyler Roberts[/caption]Furloughed Funko, DC Comics packaging and Forbidden Planet fundraising - the 10 Most-Read Stories yesterday Bleeding Cool continues to report from the comics industry shutdown, as Funko furloughs its own Pops, DC Comics arrive wrapped in plastic and Forbidden Planet continue to appeal for help - Klaus Janson just donated a thousand dollars[...]

Bane Gets a New "The Dark Knight Rises" Statue from Prime 1 Studio 

Bane Gets a New "The Dark Knight Rises" Statue from Prime 1 Studio 

The Dark Knight Rises introduces us to yet another on screen performance of the Batman villain, Bane. This one was way different then what we usually saw and was more villainous and had a plan to destroy the bat. Prime 1 Studio is ready for fans to bring Bane home with 2 new statues and a […]

Elena Anaya Is Most Definitely Playing A Villain In Wonder Woman

Elena Anaya's role in Wonder Woman hasn't yet been elaborated on, and neither has the main anatagonist in the film yet. This lead some to draw a line between the two, especially considering her bizzare face mask in the first trailer for the movie. Well, it looks like that could be right… or at least […]

Blue Devil Gets A Movie – But Only In Arrow

This is the bus ad, seen briefly on Arrow last night… And this is the poster. Blue Devil in 3D, coming this summer, as tweeted by Marc Guggenheim. So at least the folk in the Arrow TV show will be getting a Blue Devil movie even if us mere mortals won't… maybe they'll get a […]

Swipe File: Forever Evil (SPOILERS) And Doctor Who

This is how the world ends, with the final page of Forever Evil #5. And this is that bit from Christmas' Doctor Who: The Time Of The Doctor. In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of […]