The End Of The DC Sales Call As Retailers Know It

We mentioned this was coming for the ComicsPRO event in Portland last week. Instead it seemed that DC Comics delayed announcing this particular measure until the retailer event in New York on Friday. Because, yes, DC Comics are closing their Sales Call team, where sales reps call hundreds of individual comic book retailers to talk […]

New Spirit Hardcover For 75th Anniversary, And MAD Heritage Books

At the retailer roadshow in New York this Friday, DC Comics announced a new Spirit hardcover to celebrate the character's 75th anniversary this summer. Not exactly sure how they will tie this into Dynamite getting the rights to publish new stories with the character, it's likely to be a heritage-themed publication. Well timed, folks, this is after all […]

DC Comics To End Combo Digital Editions In March, Aside From Sandman Overture

Bleeding Cool mentioned that this would be considered. And it has been. At the DC Retailer Roadshow on Friday in New York, DC Comics announced they would be ending their digital combo editions, bagged copies of the comic books with a digital download code sold for a dollar over the usual cover price. While sales […]

The Extra Content In The Convergence Two-Shots From DC Comics

Bleeding Cool has told you how the Convergence titles from DC Comics will contain new, original preview stories for the June mini-relaunch titles, that won't be reprinted until the collections of the series they promote. And how those stories will also be made available free on all platforms. Well, on Friday at the DC Retailer Roadshow in New […]

What Went Down At ComicsPRO – A Call To Take Up Arms

  This weekend held the ComicsPRO annual meetup of comic store retailers, to discuss opportunities and challenges. With plenty of publishers and creators on hand. And thanks to some friendly retailers giving us live reports, Bleeding Cool was able to cover the event more thoroughly than any other site (though we are sure we missed stuff). Here are […]

Bob Wayne, Through The Decades

Yesterday's DC presentation at ComicsPRO was also in honour of Senior Vice President and ex-comics retailer Bob Wayne, who is leaving DC Comics this spring after decades at the publisher when they move from New York Part tribute, part roast, he got quite the standing ovation. Photo from Calum Johnston. Follow more of our ComicsPRO Portland 2015 coverage […]

Sandman, Statues And Sales – More From DC Comics At ComicsPRO

Bleeding Cool is continuing to bring you reports from ComicsPRO, the comic book retailer conference happening right now in Portland. And more on yesterday's presentations from DC Comics, specifically the collectibles panel. The DC Collectibles panels ran through what they see as the more marketable of their upcoming products. Which includes A Terry Dodson designer […]

"The Best Stories Become Canon" – Dan DiDio And Jim Lee At ComicsPRO

DC senior staffers Bob Wayne, Jim Lee and Dan DiDio made a presentation to comic store retailers today, at ComicsPRO in Portland. As ever, Bleeding Cool has folks on the ground to cover the conversations being had. They talked about how Convergence celebrates DC's eighty year history, and how the entire event was entirely edited by Marie […]

DC ComicsPRO Gossip – The End Of Sales Calls?

Today will see Dark Horse and DC Comics give their big presentations at the ComicsPRO comic book retailer meeting in Portland. We talked about Dark Horse's plans earlier, and DC Comics will be reiterating much of what they told people at Burbank and Orlando recently. One thing I was told from a mysterious "1700 Broadway" […]

The Look of ComicsPRO In Portland

Dark Horse's Scott Allie and DC's Dan DiDio in the ComicsPRO bar last night… is it me or do they loo ka little like upside down images of each other? And this is what they were drinking in the bar… And these are the hotel key cards exchanged in the bar…..but remember, what happens in ComicsPRO, […]

Geoff Johns – One Monthly Comic Later

After the launch of the New 52 at DC Comics, Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics working out of Burbank, wrote a number of comics for DC every month. Aquaman, Justice League, Green Lantern, Forever Evil, Earth One, Superman and more. He was then told by DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson that he […]

Sandman Overture #5 Out In May – And DC Comics Aims For A Collection By Christmas

At the retailer roadshow in Orando with DC Comics, retailers were told the latest on Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III's Sandman Overture, which has been running at a rate well behind DC's initial projections. With four issues out in eighteen months. However retailers were told that Sandman Overture will be out in May. And that […]

Bye Bye To DC's Combo Digital Comics?

Since the DC relaunch back in October 2011, DC Comics have published "Combo" editions of certain titles. While Marvel gives away digital versions of their comics with each $3.99 title, DC Comics rather sells $2.99 books and charges an extra $1 for a bagged version with a digital code. Or $4.99 for a normally $3.99 […]

DC Comics Explain The Batgirling Of The June – And July – Mini Relaunch

Retailers at the Orlando retailer roadshow with DC Comics were told that the goal of the 24 new titles from the June mini-relaunch is to reach out to new readers. Meanwhile the other 25 continuing series will be aimed at longer time readers. The June 2015 the branding will simply be DC Comics with no events, save for Darkseid […]

Crowd-Sourcing Robin – June Mini-Relaunch Details From DC's Retailer Roadshow In Orlando

Told to retailers at the Orlando DC Retailer Roadshow yesterday… The new Robin: Son Of Batman title from Patrick Gleason is described as a Johnny Quest-style book, though with very different adventures. Part Johnny Quest and part How To Train Your Dragon, one retailer described it as like Stanley And His Monster. We Are Robin shows how Batman has […]

Convergence, Week By Week, As Explained To Retailers By DC Comics

Spilling out of yesterday's retailer meeting in Orlando with DC Comics, a look at the Convergence event, week by week, laying it out. Convergence is intended to tie the storylines from the weekly titles World's End and Futures End together. Each week has a theme and a conceit. The first week has the Pre 52 characters […]

When Thomas Meets Bruce – A Few Details Of DC Comics' Convergence Event

Plenty of bits and pieces coming out of yesterday's Orlando DC Comics Retailer Roadshow to brighten a Saturday Valentine's Day…. First, a few details about the upcoming Convergence series and spinoffs. Look for a scene in Convergence featuring Warlord riding a herd of triceratops into a castle of time travellers. Mind you, bet that happens […]

How DC Will Do Star Wars – Mad Magazine

At the DC retailer meeting on Friday, they showed off the cover to Mad Magazine, featuring Star Wars. Mad Magazine will be one of the "lifeboats" left in New York when DC Comics makes the move to Burbank in April. I wonder if any of the the DC New York lifers will find a home […]

How The Worlds Of Convergence Will Work

At the DC Comics retailer meeting on Friday, the publisher laid out the concept of how the various world seen during the Convergence two month event came to be. Apparently Brainiac collected each of the worlds right before they "died", at Crisis On Infinite Earths, at Zero Hour, at Flashpoint. Which is probably what he […]