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Gentle Giant Unveils 1,000 Piece G.I. Joe Profit Destro 1/2 Scale Bust 
Gentle Giant has just unveiled a brand new and very limited statue the one and only Profit Director Destro! Cobra Commander's right hand is dripping in wealth this time with this impressive and highly detailed 1/2 scale statue The CEO of M.A.R.S is bringing in plenty of revenue this year, and Gentle Giant Ltd[...]
G.I. Joe A Real American Hero Saturday Morning Adventures #2 Review
At the same time, the genie tries to trick Cobra Commander into wasting his wishes, and his entourage (like Destro and the Baroness) kibbutzes on the sidelines. Writer Erik Burnham has a fantastic command of the animated style, from voices to making wild plots seem ordinary for the players involved Dan Schoening, Luis Antonio Delgado, and[...]
Supermassive & Destro On Next Week's Diamond Previews Cover
And we have a look ahead to next week's Previews catalogue – including what's on the front and back. Supermassive & Destro On Next Week's Diamond Previews Cover The front cover of Previews features Diamond Select Toys' G.I Joe: Destro Legends in 3-Dimensions 1/2-Scale Bust, "International arms dealer and fan-favorite villain Destro is the next G.I[...]
GI Joe Ultimates Wave 2 Up For Order From Super7
This new wave will features Flint and Lady Jaye on the Joes side and the Baroness and Destro on the Cobra side These are based on their looks from the classic 80's cartoon A Real American Hero That is why you get Baroness in her blue outfit instead of her iconic black, for instance All[...]
G.I. Joe Destro Makes His Explosive Entrance at Mezco Toyz
Kicking things off first is the deadly arms dealer Destro who is making quite an explosive entrance The highly detailed figure is fully articulated, features fabric elements, swappable parts, and loaded with accessories Destro will include three different head sculpts and six pairs of interchangeable hands The G.I Joe villain will also come with a[...]
G.I. Joe Reigns Supreme with New Cobra Statues from PCS Collectibles
This newest wave seems to be just dedicated to Cobra as Baroness, Destro, and Serpentor are ready to reign supreme We can assume that they will all come with window packaging like the first wave of statues It also seems that they will come on a Cobra logo display base; however, Baroness's base is not[...]
Hasbro Reveals A Bunch Of New GI Joe Classified Series Figures
Our second Destro is coming, this one the Profit Director version, or "Pimp Daddy" as fans are already calling him The leopard print and gold accessories look amazing Finally, Amazon will have an exclusive version of Storm Shadow, his first figure in the line He is in his arctic gear, and is a great placeholder[...]
The first figure is now in people's hand, as Snake Eyes was shipped from Hasbro Pulse this week (look for our review this weekend), and today we got the reveal of the first baddie in the line: Destro! The Cobra villain looks to take down the G.I Joe with his pistols and awesome looking communication[...]