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Review – Marvel: Fearless And Fantastic!
DK Books continue to add to their collection of Marvel tomes as they recently published Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save The World The book is meant to be a look at all of the women heroes who make up the Marvel universe, specifically in the comics and not so much the MCU[...]
Justice League ultimate guide
Making sense out of it is a challenge for anyone, and DK Books has certainly tried over the years with a couple different guides, including The DC Encyclopedia As part of a tie-in with the recent Warner Bros film, the company released a brand-new guide in the form of Justice League: The Ultimate Guide[...]
Wonder Woman dk guide
DK Books recently released a brand-new guide revolving around the character for those wishing to find out more about her in Wonder Woman: The Ultimate Guide to The Amazon Princess. credit//DK Books Like a couple of the DK guides we've reviewed, this one is divided up into sections with the hope of introducing you to the character while[...]
Ultimate Marvel
Every couple of years it seems that DK Books comes out with a new all-things-Marvel guidebook, some of them containing character info, others containing canon info, and some being a mesh of the two The most recent addition to this library is Ultimate Marvel, which covers the basic things you need to know within the Marvel[...]
DK Books Tells Us Absolutely Everything We Need To Know In This LEGO Book
So for those who don't wish to spend hours browsing through Brikipedia, DK Books has created LEGO: Absolute Everything You Need To Know, which they were kind enough to send us for review. credit//DK Books Now when they say "everything you need to know", they don't skimp on the small stuff This book goes clear back to[...]