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Sinister Ducks Under The Sea: Donald Duck 19
In Donald Duck #19 the focus is on a story published in Italy in 1972, called "Kingdom Under The Sea" Donald is on some kind of deep diving fishing quest, but almost every body of water is overrun with tourists! Donald is determined to find a spot, and he does inside the Paradox Rocks His[...]
Dreams Are Limitless In Donald And Mickey: The Persistence Of Mickey
Mickey is portrayed at the never changing good guy, with Donald Duck as his opposite Goofy of course is just goofy, but we can't fault him for that. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] "The Persistence of Mickey is a collection of stories (including the titular one, beautifully illustrated by Giorgio Cavazzano) that span the ages, and some[...]
Donald Duck – The Big Sneeze
If you're not reading the IDW Disney books, you need to be. The stories (as I've said before) are translated from other languages, and they're pulled from
You Don't Say? IDW's Insufferably Holistic May 2015 Solicitations
I wonder how they enjoy being in the front of Previews with their new friends, launching You Don't Say, collecting any unseen comics by Nate Powell? There's also the launch of a certain Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and the new Donald Duck #1, and launches for Insufferable and Phantasmagorica and a new Winterworld series… enjoy! Here[...]
Cut-And-Paste DuckTales
Boom recently solicited the final issues of Darkwing and Duck Tales for October, series that had been praised when originally published. Less so now.
Boom! Studios To Collect All Don Rosa Donald Duck Stories
In June, Boom! Studios will publish the first volume of their Walt Disney Treasury: Donald Duck series, collecting chronologically the Duck stories of Don Rosa, with volume 2 coming in August. Boom describes the book; With its new series, WALT DISNEY TREASURY, BOOM Kids! brings you classic Disney stories, never-before-collected in North America In this first volume,[...]
Disney's Italian Personalised Touch
Bleeding Cool has reported previously on the size and scope of Disney's operations in Italy, publishing comics. Well, Disney Italia has started a fun