Kingdom Hearts Funko Pops…But Where is Sora?

Funko Kingdom Hearts Mickey

Funko have officially announced their offerings for Kingdom Hearts products, and while exciting, I have to say it is a tad curious that the main cast of the game, especially Sora, is nowhere to be found. I am more than positive that they will do multiple waves for the game, because Disney, but to not include Sora, the main hero of the game and franchise is a weird decision if you ask me. The first wave of Pops will be all Disney characters, with Mickey, Pete, Donald, and Goofy seeing regular release. There will be a slew of exclusives as well: an alternate Goofy for Gamestop, a Black and White version of Pete for Walmart, and Donald gets a Hot Topic exclusive. There will also be an adorable Chip and Dale two-pack.

Along with there will be three Pocket pop Keychains for Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

Look for these on store shelves and online in April.

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