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Dropout Reveals Ify Nwadiwe As New Host Of Um, Actually
In an homage and parody of Doctor Who, Dropout released the latest trailer for Season 9 of Um, Actually, featuring Ify Nwadiwe as the show's new host Along with comedian Brian David Gilbert, who has taken on the role of the fact checker this time around, the two will essentially usher in a new era[...]
Dropout Announces Dimension 20: Fantasy High - Junior Year
Dropout has revealed a brand new season of Dimension 20 is on the way as they confirmed Fantasy High – Junior Year will be coming out in January The kids return for another year of high school with all the myth and magic you can expect from the previous seasons, only with what appears to[...]
Dropout Announces Game Changer Season Six With New Trailer
One of the most popular shows on Dropout is coming back for a sixth season as we finally know when Game Changer will be making a return to the platform If you're not already familiar with the show, host Sam Reich will take three comedians and put them into a brand new game show every[...]
CollegeHumor Has Officially Been Rebranded To Dropout
It's been a long time coming, but the move has finally been made official: CollegeHumor as a brand is gone as it has been rebranded to Dropout Originally founded by Josh Abramson and Ricky Van Veen in 1999, the company as a whole has gone through a number of changes, transitions, changes in format and[...]
Dimension 20
Comedy streaming service Dropout revealed the latest season for Dimension 20 is on the way, as they showed off more of Season 20: Burrow's End For the third time, Aabria Iyengar will be the Game Master, having already hosted two popular seasons with Misfits & Magic and last year's A Court of Fey & Flowers[...]
Dropout Announces Next Live-Action Series Dimension 20: Mentopolis
Dropout has revealed the latest season for their live-action role-playing series Dimension 20, as the players will be headed to Mentopolis This latest adventure will take you into the mind, literally, as you'll see several characters representing different functions of the body in a new noir-inspired story, hosted once again by Brennan Lee Mulligan We[...]
Play It By Ear: New Trailer For Dropout.TV Musical Improv Series
Dropout.tv has announced Play It By Ear, an all-new musical improv series hosted by Mano Agapion and featuring Jess McKenna and Zach Reino as players, alongside a slew of improv all-star guests and a studio band led by Scott Passarella. Source: Dropout.TV The premiere episode of Play It By Ear will debut in September 2022, with the[...]
Five New Comics From Monkeybrain, Including The Return of Heartbreakers
I'm especially pleased to see the return of Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan's Heartbreakers, a series I really enjoyed a decade ago… AVERY FATBOTTOM: RENAISSANCE FAIR DETECTIVE #1, by Jen Vaughn, $.99, ages 15+ CAPTAIN ULTIMATE #1, by  Benjamin Baily, Joey Esposito, and Boykoesh, $.99, ages 9+ DETECTOBOT #0, by Peter[...]