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"Mr. Robot" Season 4 "404 Not Found": Tyrell's Back on the Scene [PREVIEW]
Say what?! No way! …we hope he's not, at least. (Photo by: Scott McDermott/USA Network) And Tyrell looks to be making a comeback as a main character again – he's still under Dark Army employ, and now the CEO of E Corp, now that Philip Price resigned to join Elliot's resistance. Will we get more tragic Whiterose backstory? (Photo[...]
mr. robot
Wong) and her Dark Army of Chinese hackers work to keep E Corp in chaos for political gain. USA Network The final season will be set during the first Christmas post-five/nine as Eliot fights to undo the hack and tries to get everyone on board with stopping the chaos, death, and destructive economic wasteland that America has[...]
mr. robot
ROBOT — "da3m0ns.mp4" Episode 104 — Ron Cephas Jones, Christian Slater, Rami Malek, Carly Chaikin, Sunita Mani — (Photo: Virginia Sherwood/USA Network) Enter their society's "big bad": Evil Corp (E Corp) They're the big conglomerate that's taken over virtually all forms of business in today's society They own pretty much everything[...]
Sam Esmail's 'Mr. Robot' Ends Series Run with Season 4
Following the events of fsociety's five/nine hack on the multi-national corporation E Corp, the series explores the consequences of the attack, the motivations of those involved and the disintegration between Elliot and Mr Robot. USA Network's Mr Robot also stars Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallström, Grace Gummer, Michael Cristofer, Bobby Cannavale, and BD Wong[...]
Mr. Robot Season 4.0: USA Network Upgrades Series with Renewal
One of their missions is to cancel all consumer debt by destroying the data of one of the largest corporations in the world, E Corp (which Elliot perceives as Evil Corp), which also happens to be Allsafe's biggest client. Joining Malek and Slater are cast members Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallström, Grace Gummer, Michael Cristofer,[...]