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Eddie Campbell's Bacchus Gets A Bump On eBay Over IDW TV Deal
Eddie Campbell's Bacchus is one of six series that IDW is developing for television Currently published by Top Shelf Comics, the series about the modern day incarnation of the god of wine and debauchery, shuffling from pub to wine bar as the world plays out around him, reminiscing about what once was. Bacchus first appeared in[...]
Eddie Campbell Speaks on his & Alan Moore's From Hell: Master Edition
The graphic novel in question is one of the most respected and beloved examples of the medium: From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell IDW Publishing's Top Shelf has joined with Campbell for this new version of the classic, fully restored and with color added, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the book with From Hell: Master[...]
The Tipping Point From John Cassaday, Paul Pope, Eddie Campbell And More Launches This Weekend
The cover is by Enki Bilal. The creators are Naoki Urasawa, John Cassaday, Boulet, Bastien Vivès, Bob Fingerman, Katsuya Terada, Frederik Peeters, Emmanuel Lepage, Taiyō Matsumoto, Paul Pope, Atsushi Kaneko, Keiichi Koike, Eddie Campbell, each writing and drawing their stories. And each story based on the concept of "the tipping point", the moment that turns inaction into action. Published by[...]
Draw A Truth In Neil Gaiman's Cave In The Mountains For BBC Radio 4
And be part of the gallery of images… The only restriction is no photo-based work of collages, but be all self-created, landscape and ideally 1980 pixels by 1080 pixels.Oh and BBC get rights to use it forever…. Send to ships@bbc.co.uk or tweet it to @BBCRadio4 by the 6th December. I might have a go… The Truth Is A Cave In The Black Mountain by[...]
From Hell Television Series In The Works From FX
FX has started working on a new drama series based on From Hell, the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell The new production is being executive produced by Don Murphy (Transformers) who also produced the 2001 film starring Johnny Depp and Robbie Coltrane David Arata (Children of Men) is on board to write the[...]
Dawn Of The Unread: Zombies And Interactive Comics In The Classroom
By Olly MacNamee Released for free and online on the 8th of every month, Nottingham's Dawn of The Unread is a brave venture into webcomics with a simple mission statement: get more people reading, encourage better literacy levels. Created by James Walker, supported by Nottingham Trent University and illustrated by established British artists (Eddie Campbell illustrates Charlie[...]
From Poland – The Identity Of Jack The Ripper Finally Revealed
Not that many, and certainly not Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell, actually thought that it was. But a Ripperologist has finally solved the mystery of the identity of Jack The Ripper, the world's first recognised serial killer, working the streets of Victorian London, and starting a whole industry of fascination. Inspired by the From Hell movie, London[...]
The Truth Is A Hall In The Barbican, With Neil Gaiman And Friends
Last night, I have the great pleasure of not going to see Monty Python (I'll save that for another night) but instead spend a night out in London with Neil Gaiman telling me stories. He has revived his Sydney Opera House performance with Eddie Campbell's illustrations and the string orchestra FourPlay, The Truth Is A Cave[...]
The Guardian Combines Literary Authors With Comic Artists, From Audrey Niffenegger To Dave Gibbons
Creating pairings such as these… Gillian Flynn and Dave Gibbons AM Homes and Frazer Irving Margaret Atwood and Christian Ward Michel Faber and Roger Langridge Audrey Niffenegger and Eddie Campbell Dave Eggers Eggers, of course, already stretching across both worlds It's a stunning achievement on The Guardian's part A different comic will run every day from tomorrow on the Guardian website but will all appear[...]
Unsung Masterpieces #2: Alec, with Eddie Campbell
By David Dissanayake Here we are for the second (somewhat delayed) installment of Unsung Masterpieces (You can check out our first installment, "Enigma, with Duncan Fegredo, Peter Milligan, and Art Young", here). Warren Ellis once said that "American comics are hugely eager to put the future behind them."  He's right.  The nature of the comic shop is[...]
Is From Hell Now Part Of Valiant Universe Continuity?
I have a page up on my office wall, and exhibited that page at the Harrods Comic Art exhibition I curated a few years ago. Even walking around London, past certain churches, monuments, public squares and bridges, I find myself flashing back to Eddie Campbell's portrayals of those scenes, and The Shard building seems to take[...]
TRIPWIRE: 10 Questions With Eddie Campbell In 2002
And this week's regular delve into its archive  is our chat with independent superstar Eddie Campbell (Bacchus, From Hell), published in TRIPWIRE Volume 4 #12, way back in August 2002… [issuu viewMode=singlePage width=420 height=596 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120930153005-a0f32e14ec4e4331a734a3dc734001f7 name=tripwire_volume_4_12_eddie_campbell username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] Before Bleeding Cool, there was TRIPWIRE magazine[...]
Top Shelf Panel: Eddie Campbell Confirms From Hell Companion For March 2013
Joshua Stone reports from the Top Shelf panel: At the Top Shelf panel, Eddie Campbell announced that From Hell Companion from he and Alan Moore is ready to go and will be released in March 2013 Campbell describes is as From Hell from another angle He said it is 288 pages long and will be structured[...]
I'd Buy That For A Dollar – 136 Pages Of A New Digital Comics Magazine
Any Eddie Campbell is a treat, Eddie Campbell at 90% off is even better. I'm sure Christopher Irving would agree… Christopher Irving of Graphic NYC has released a new digital comic book today, The Drawn Word And only $1 for the first 136 page issue (rising to $2 after that). In a press release, he is[...]