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Faithless III #1 Review: The Devil's Virtue
After months away, Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet return to Faithless with Faithless III #1, their hugely successful comic from Boom!. Faithless III #1 cover by Maria Llovet The first two pages are unprintable for nudity and sexual acts, but on the second read, they also suggest something about the plot without Azzarello having to come out[...]
First Look At Brian Azzarello & Maria Llovet's Faithless III
But Brian Azzarello's return to Faithless with Maria Llovet should be a lot sooner, with Boom Studios hitting Faithless III #1 with FOC, Final Order Cut-Off orders today Which also means we get a preview of the first issue… BOOM! Studios today revealed a first look at FAITHLESS III #1, the[...]
Maria Llovet’s Luna #1 FOCs Higher Than Heartbeat AND Faithless
But she really burst onto the US scene with the erotic thriller Faithless with industry luminary Brian Azzarello, fresh off the series that put Black Label on the map, Batman: Damned Arguably the mature series helped kick off Boom's rise in prominence in the industry setting the table for Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora's Once[...]
Faithless II Issues 4 And 5: Evil Is Tireless
"You've heard those who can't do, teach? Well, those who can't teach? Critique." I read Faithless II's most recent two issues (issue 4 and issue 5) and literally yelled out loud after the issue 5 cliffhanger That reflexive reaction seemed like a good starting point for a thought piece on Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet's[...]
BOOM! Sets Final Volume of Llovet and Azzarello's Faithless for 2021
While DC may be suffering from stagnant sales and incurring the wrath of the biggest retailers, it looks like Boom Studios hasn't lost any momentum from 2019, with Wynd #1 becoming their biggest creator-owned launch ever and Faithless II #1 becoming a hot speculator item a week before its wide release A third and final[...]
Early Faithless II #1 'One Per' Selling For $25 Before Wide Release
After a 25% bump from pre-Covid FOC to its more recent FOC, Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet's Faithless II #1 from Boom Studios seemed on its way to being another hit for the company… even if the contents might cause some comic shops to refuse to sell it. But Boom seems pretty confident that won't be[...]
Faithless II Menage's an FOC 25% Bump
Last week we wondered if any comic shops would refuse to sell Faithless II #1, the new Boom Studios "Must Read" series from Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet The launch of the original erotic thriller series in 2019 began Boom's meteoric rise in the direct market and prompted an early greenlight of the third series,[...]
Will Any Comic Shops Refuse To Sell Faithless II #1?
But the series that started it all for Boom was 2019's hit erotic thriller Faithless from Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet Not only did the series' launch issue double orders at FOC, but the erotic covers were so controversial that we had to pull the cover reveal from the site Next month Faithless II[...]
BOOM! Sets Final Volume of Llovet and Azzarello's Faithless for 2021
With that in mind, Faithless II #1 launches from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios next month But even after the quarantine is ended, masturbation to comics will likely continue, and so BOOM! has announced a third, and final, volume of Faithless, Faithless III, to debut in 2021. From the press release: LOS ANGELES, CA (March 20, 2020) –[...]
Buffy: Every Generation #1 and Faithless II #1 Launch in Boom Studios Solicits for April 2020
But as Lord Zedd escalates his war on the Power Rangers, Jason will be forced to decide just what it means to be a Ranger – and where his allegiances lie! ● Collects issues #21-24. FAITHLESS II #1 Publisher : BOOM! Studios Retail Price : $3.99 Writer: Brian Azzarello Artist: Maria Llovet Cover Artists: Main Cover: Maria Llovet Connecting Erotic Variant Cover: Tula Lotay Synopsis: ● The best-selling[...]
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When Brian Azzarello (of That Damned Batpenis fame) and artist Maria Llovet launched their erotic thriller Faithless earlier this year, it became quite the hit for Boom Studios, somehow doubling orders at FOC and still needing multiple printings to satisfy the demand It also might be the book that kicked off the Boom and Image feud[...]
Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet’s Faithless Returns in 2020
Thanks to Richard Epstein and Sofia Annunziata, reporting for Bleeding Cool from the NYCC Diamond Retailer Breakfast. Where Boom Studios' President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik has just announced that Brian Azzarello and Maria Llovet's erotic thriller Faithless – which doubled its orders at FOC of issue #1 – will return in April 2020 with[...]
I Put A Spell On You: Thoughts About The Hexed Omnibus And Others
Starro is involved. Faithless issue 4: Sex scenes in comics are tricky, and Faithless #4 depicts two It also continues the work of building out the let's say enigmatic characters that surround Faith As always, I hesitate to use the word important, but I do devour each passing issue. Hexed Omnibus: A magical problem solver in the[...]