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Animal Kingdom: Shawn Hatosy Promises We Will Be Back for Season 5

Animal Kingdom: Shawn Hatosy Promises "We Will Be Back" for Season 5

In the meantime, stay safe everyone! #AnimalKingdom A post shared by Animal Kingdom (@animalkingdomtnt) on Sep 9, 2020 at 1:02pm PDTNow here's a look back at the wild ride that was the fourth season of TNT's Animal Kingdom, wrapping up with a look back at the original teaser for the series' fifth season return: Animal Kingdom[...]

Animal Kingdom Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of Smurfs Power [VIDEO]

"Animal Kingdom" Takes Viewers Behind the Scenes of Smurf's Power [VIDEO]

Finn Cole, Shawn Hatosy, Jake Weary, Ben Robson, and Ellen Barkin all talk about what their characters think and feel about the situations they're put in and their reasoning behind the decisions the characters make.Oh, and show creator John Wells also pops up in interviews throughout the video too - an extra little treat.[caption id="attachment_1045292"[...]

Animal Kingdom Season 4: The Cody Boys Take Us Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

"Animal Kingdom" Season 4: The Cody Boys Take Us Behind the Scenes [VIDEO]

what are you doing with your life? It's great! Go watch it! Aside from that, you should probably avoid the video elow if you have any concerns about spoilers.Okay, ready? Let's go! Cole (J), Ben Robson (Craig), Shawn Hatosy (Pope), and Jake Weary (Deran) all talk a bit about their characters and the situations they[...]

Animal Kingdom Season 4: Eddie Ramos Tupi Returns Set to Recur

'Animal Kingdom' Season 4: Eddie Ramos' Tupi Returns, Set to Recur

After abuse at Tupi's hands, Mia got herself involved with J (Finn Cole) and the Cody family after Tupi was sent to prison Viewers knew it was only going to be a matter of time before J finds out that Mia’s sneaking around with Tupi and that she still answers to her own criminal family[...]

TNTs Animal Kingdom Lands Rescue Mes Denis Leary for Season 3

TNT's Animal Kingdom Lands Rescue Me's Denis Leary for Season 3

Developed by Jonathan Lisco and based on the 2010 Australian film by David Michod, the series stars Ellen Barkin as the Cody family's matriarch; as well as Scott Speedman, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Robson, Jake Weary, Finn Cole, Molly Gordon and Carolina Guerra.Leary's Billy is Deran’s (Weary) drifter dad who Janine “Smurf ” Cody (Barkin) kicked[...]