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Local Comic Shop Day 2015 In London – Forbidden Planet And Orbital #LCSD
A day in which comic stores can join in to receive exclusive variant editions and collections of comic books for sale only in participating stores at premium prices. I went to Forbidden Planet and Orbital Comics, two of the very few participants in the UK and metres from each other. Forbidden Planet opened at 10am, I turned[...]
Only Two Comic Stores Are Participating In Local Comic Shop Day In The UK. Three In Europe.
There are two comic stores participating in the Local Comic Shop Day promotion in the UK. Forbidden Planet (not Forbidden Planet International) with shops in Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Croydon, Liverpool, London, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Southampton. And then Orbital Comics in London. There's also Big Bang Comics in Dublin as well. That's it for the British Isles – and Europe as a whole. Given that Local Comic Shop Day is gearing up[...]
Forbidden Planet, Big Bang, Green Brain, Beguiling And Kings Are New CBLDF Champions
Recently free speech comic book charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, ran a recruitment drive amongst comic book retailers. It saw them either sign up or get renewals from over 471 stores, raising an extra $66,100 in the process. And they'd like to honour five retailers for gaining Champion level memberships after giving $1000 each towards Forbidden Planet, The Big Bang Comic Shop, Green Brain Comics, The[...]
Things To Do In London In August If You Like Comics
6-7pm.   Comics Gosh!p: Gosh Comics Monthly Reading Group this month featuring – 'The End of Summer' by Tillie Walden & 'A Quiet Disaster' by Alex Potts Paul Cornell and Neil Edwards signing This Damned Band and Doctor Who: The Four Doctors at Forbidden Planet 6-7pm Jay Faeber signing Copperhead at Orbital Comics, 6-7.30pm Thursday, August 13th Superheroes, Ages 8-12, 11am-1pm, Cartoon Museum The[...]
Want To Acquire A Rare Variant Of We Can Never Go Home Today In London?
The truly runaway success of a comic We Can Never Go Home from Black Mask Studios could never stay in stock for long at Forbidden Planet in London, and that turned out to be true everywhere. First printings of the comic, as well as con variants of #1 are hovering around 60 dollars and upwards (as[...]
Home From A Free Comic Book Day In London
They are famous for having all the comics you want in depth but you will have to wait to get them… Let's make it move…. [youtube][/youtube] Forbidden Planet also had a long line but they were able to disperse them by handing out pre-selected bags of free comics to all and sundry fast, fast fast which gave the[...]
The Forbidden Planet FCBD Doctor Who Signing Is In The FCBD Doctor Who Comic
Plenty of folk have managed to get their comic store onto the front of a Doctor Who comic thanks to IDW and Titan's retailer cover variant schemes. But Forbidden Planet in London has managed to get their store onto the inside In a manner of speaking. This weekend, Forbidden Planet London is hosting two signings, one for[...]
Valiant Grows Sales Department To Better Communicate With Retailers
I'm champing at the bit to be boots on the ground at comic shops, working closely with the people who have dedicated their lives to keeping the direct market thriving for consumers." Klein worked at Forbidden Planet NYC as a retail associate from 2011 to 2014 and is a producer and lead script developer for Six[...]
35 Things To Do In London In November If You Like Comics – From Jacques Tardi To Kieron Gillen's Watchmen
Sky Studios is filled with even more X-Men action to make your day out one to remember. Events: Saturday 1st November Ben Willsher signing Dredd Uprise #1 and Diamond UK Exclusive Variant.Forbidden Planet, Shaftesbury Avenue, London 1 – 2pm. Comica Comiket – CANCELLED Monday 3rd November Kieron Gillen Talks Watchmen. Gosh Comics, Berwick Street. 7.30pm-9pm. "A year ago in the pub, a friend asked[...]
Things To Do In New York And Philadelphia In July If You Like Comics (UPDATE)
Wednesday, July 16th Forbidden Planet at 832 Broadway in New York will host writer Frank Barbiere (Five Ghosts, Solar, Blackout, New Avengers Annual) at a signing for the launch of his new comic with Victor Santos from Boom!, Black Market  from 6:30 to 8:30PM. Thursday, July 17th Midtown Comics Downtown will host John Romita, Jr in a signing[...]
Things To Do In London In July If You Like Comics – Neil Gaiman, Melinda Gebbie, Steve Rude, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Dave Gibbons, Robert Crumb And More
Chaired by Toby Litt Wednesday July 9th Forbidden Planet,  6 – 7pm Mike Dowling and Monty Nero will be signing the collected hardcover of Death Sentence from. Friday July 11th The London Film And Comic Con Earls Court 2, 6pm-9pm Gosh Comics The launch party for Hayley Campbell's newest book The Art of Neil Gaiman, here at Gosh! Comics – the book is "about Neil Gaiman and all the stuff he's[...]
Forbidden Planet Exclusive Covers – Doctor How?
And there was much rejoicing. Then yesterday, Forbidden Planet announced arranged exclusive covers And there was much grumbling. Titan Comics and Forbidden Planet, you see, are basically the same thing The belief from certain retailers is that they knew this was coming and were able to arrange an exclusive cover deal, a chance denied other retailers now. Of[...]
Let's Cook! – Titan Announces Breaking Bad 'Heisenberg Collection' Vinyl Figures
These are going to be in high demand, that's for sure. The Breaking Bad TITANS will be available for pre-order starting next week through Diamond and Entertainment Earth in the USA and through Forbidden Planet in the UK, and will reach shops in December 2014. Today, Titan Merchandise are announcing a new line of vinyl collectibles[...]
The Jetpack/Forbidden Planet Exclusive Cover For Launch Of The Wicked + The Divine
Not long now. The Jamie McKelvie exclusive cover for the upcoming launch of The Wicked + The Divine shared by Forbidden Planet in the UK and Jetpack Comics in the US… Both Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie will be launching the comic with a signing a Forbodden Planet London on Wednesday 18th June at 6pm. It's interesting to see the[...]
The Look Of Free Comic Book Day 2014 In London
The first time we went to Orbital Comics, the line was round the block… [youtube][/youtube] So, with the girls and their schoolfriends we first popped by Forbidden Planet… … and then Gosh… Before heading back to Orbital, Five Guys… …and home. Mouse Guard, Rocket Raccoon, Courtney Crumrin, Top Shelf, Kaboom, Donald Duck, Spongebob, these are the comics we love the most. What[...]
Things To Do In London In March During British Comics Month
Let's have a look at what they, and others, have planned for the month of March… Now until March 9th – Alone Forever, An Exhibition By Liz Prince – Orbital Comics Orbital will have an exclusive and limited bookplate edition of Liz Prince's new book on Topshelf, Alone Forever, host an exhibition with art both from the[...]
Pulp Fiction, Mary Poppins Among Library Of Congress 2013 Film Registry Selections
Banks, curators insist), Pulp Fiction, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Magnificent Seven, Michael Moore's auto industry documentary Roger & Me and The Forbidden Planet, which depicted space travel before it became a reality The oldest film is 1919's A Virtuous Vamp, while the newest is already 10 years old, 2002's obscure, experimental found footage[...]
The Fifth Beatle Comes To New York And Miami
The first on the 20th at Forbidden Planet NYC, the shop Tiwary has been buying his comics from since he was a kid. The second stop will be on November 23rd at the Miami Book Fair where he will be doing a panel called Making Music With Comics alongside Peter Bagge and Paul Pope. And they did[...]
Things To Do In London This Weekend If You Like Comics
Come and enjoy and be inspired! [vimeo][/vimeo] And then also at Foyles from 6.30pm, Gareth Brookes, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Katie Green, John Miers & Woodrow Phoenix talk with Paul Gravett to launch Gravett's new book with Tate Publishing, Comics Art and discuss the emergence and future of comics as 'The 21st Century Medium'. SUNDAY: Signing at Forbidden Planet for[...]
Big Time Comic Fan, Jeffrey Babbitt, Dies After Race Hate Attack
Babbitt was walking through Union Square near Forbidden Planet last Wednesday when he was punched in the face seemingly at random by an assailant who, the police said, declared his intention to "punch the first white man I see." After he was hit, Mr Babbitt fell to the ground, striking his head on the pavement, the[...]
Things To Do: Trifecta, Wordburglar, Caption And John Miers
Si Spurrier reminds us that there's a 2000AD-esque signing at Forbidden Planet and London today, 6-7pm Rob Williams, Al Ewing and Si Spurrier, celebrating the release of the big unholy Dredd-world crossover thing, Trifecta. Wordburglar lets us know that on Saturday, the 3rd Annual Nerd Noise Night will be taking place at Fan Expo Toronto, where[...]
Neil Gaiman Happy To Lick His New Novel Repeatedly
Heri Mcochka writes; At the Forbidden Planet Signing this past Tuesday for some reason known only to Neil Gaiman.. He started to Lick his own book…. [youtube][/youtube] At least he found it embarrassing at the end It distracted me from taking these gritty black and white pictures of the event here. [...]
When Occupy Comics Occupied Forbidden Planet, New York
Forbidden Planet in New York City hosted a launch and signing to spotlight the ambitious series' arrival in the city where the Occupy Wallstreet movement inspired it There was plenty of hubbub to greet several contributors who participated in the signing, including Ales Kot (Change/Suicide Squad), Dean Haspiel (The Alcoholic, Cuba: My Revolution), and Ron[...]
Uber Exclusives Announced for Forbidden Planet & Midtown
   These editions are currently available online from their respective stores: Forbidden Planet: Midtown Comics:     Kieron Gillen's Uber #0 met with excitement and sell outs at its debut in comic shops one week ago[...]
Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows Come To Forbidden Planet London, And More
Here's a list of upcoming Forbidden Planet signings in the UK, including Kevin Eastman, Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows flying in. Tuesday 16th October 6 – 7pm – DANIEL POLANSKY will be signing TOMORROW THE KILLING, the follow-up to LOW TOWN. Wednesday 17th October 1:30 – 2:30pm – KEVIN EASTMAN, creator of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES,[...]
The New New York Forbidden Planet On Broadway
Frazer Brown writes for Bleeding Cool on the new location for Forbidden Planet New York… right round the corner of the old one. Walking in to the new NYC Forbidden Planet flagship store (conveniently approx 3 doors own from the old Forbidden Planet store on Broadway), I was slightly underwhelmed, The shop has a sense of[...]