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The New New York Forbidden Planet On Broadway
Frazer Brown writes for Bleeding Cool on the new location for Forbidden Planet New York… right round the corner of the old one. Walking in to the new NYC Forbidden Planet flagship store (conveniently approx 3 doors own from the old Forbidden Planet store on Broadway), I was slightly underwhelmed, The shop has a sense of[...]
Forbidden Planet Launches Doctor Who/Star Trek Variant Cover Giving Everyone The Sniffles
And Amy Pond? Tip top. This is the Forbidden Planet variant cover to Star Trek Next Generation: Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared. Advising writer Tony Lee will be signing copies at the London Shaftesbury Avenue branch on the 30th of May. Intriguingly, because Star Trek Next Generation comes first in the title, it can be legally distributed by IDW in the UK[...]
David Tennant Is The Professor!
The odds are your shop has not ordered enough copies. Although its possible Forbidden Planet may just have, ahead of their Ross/Hitch signing in London this weekend.   The Sun newspaper reports that David Tennant is the model for the Simon Cowell-alike character in America's Got Powers, with writer Jonathan Ross comparing the resemblance to Bryan Hitch's[...]
Forbidden Planet In Manchester Attacked By Rioters (UPDATE)
The Manchester branch of the comic store chain Forbidden Planet is currently being attacked by rioting youth in Manchester's city centre Here's a shot of the store earlier this evening… UPDATE: The shutters are finally down… Current tweets include; Chloe Jones: Not forbidden planet that's my favourite shop :'( I hate the pricks even more now! Rosalyn Cooper: For the[...]
New Rian Hughes T-Shirts Hit Monday
Rian Hughes has designed a new series of T-shirts for Forbidden Planet. Hughes best known in comcs for designing the Forbidden Planet logo, drawing Dare and Rogue Trooper, is a world-famous design illustrator and has worked for many of the biggest brands. These  are a first in a new line of Super Premium Fruit of the[...]
Forbidden Planet vs London Underground
Tomorrow, the biggest comic shop in the UK, Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue, London, is having a signing with Jim Mahfood and Scott C, to celebrate their books Carl: The Cat That Makes Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Double Fine Action Comics Volume 1 They intend to spend the hours from 4pm to 7pm signing and[...]